That's how the action against a wrong-doing is taken in Naya Pakistan | Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf

No one is above the law - PTI has strongly believed in it and proved it too. The MPA of PTI misbehaved with a citizen and this is how it got treated: 

1- Video went viral at 8 pm

2- PTI voters started protesting against it

3- Show-cause notice by PTI at 9 pm

4- Nominated Governor Sindh apologized to everyone on TV at 10 pm

5- PTI MPA Dr. Imran Khan visited the victim’s house by 12 am and apologized

All within 5 hours

This is Naya Pakistan

Here is what Imran Ali Shah said: 

"I never wanted to take law in my hand however it was in a spur of a moment that I momentarily lost my cool and reacted in a way that brought embarrassment to my position, my party and my supporters. Thereby, I sincerely and unconditionally apologize to Mr. Dawood and my voters and supporters for my behavior. I hope that you all will accept my apology and I promise to observe my conduct that is expected of me both morally and officially by the party's code of conduct" 

PTI MPA Imran Shah apologizes