PTI Social Media Team | Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf

PTI Social Media Team

Pioneers of Political Activism in Pakistan on Social Media


PTI Social Media Team strives to propagate PTI’s Manifesto and values on Social Media. We accomplish this via a team of 150+ volunteers from all over the World who update party’s official social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) 24 hours a day. The motto of Justice, Self Esteem and Humanity is practiced by each and every official team member via Social Media Code of Conduct. The goal of the team is to “viral” the PTI message every day and inspire Pakistanis all around the world to join and contribute to the movement.


  1. We lead the way and innovate
  2. We believe in teamwork
  3. We propagate PTI's message on the Internet
  4. We respect difference of opinion
  5. We never hurl any abuses no matter what the circumstances
  6. We never campaign against respected institutions of the country including Army and Judiciary
  7. We believe in delivering excellence
  8. We are inclusive
  9. We take upon the toughest challenges
  10. We never target personal lives of anyone
  11. We offer gratitude to all volunteers spreading PTI's message
  12. We never dissent publicly on internal issues of the party
  13. We reward on merit and believe in democracy within the team
  14. We respect one another and help each other
  15. We never give up

What is PTI Social Media?

Ever since our inception in 2006, PTI Social Media Team has led the way on political activism on the Internet. From developing the first website of any political party, to the first official twitter and facebook channels, to making the first Mobile (iPhone and Android) Apps of a political party, we have been the leaders. We innovate and never rest on the past laurels.

The beauty of the team lies in the brotherhood and teamwork. We respect one another for our passion for Pakistan and PTI. We go the extra mile to achieve excellence in our projects and believe in turning the toughest challenges into opportunities. We never give up in our relentless fight against the Status Quo. We promise to give it all until we help PTI achieve the goal of Naya Pakistan. If there are any disagreements within the party, we never raise the issue publicly and encourage others to bring the dissent in-house.

Every last person on the team is important. We tolerate difference of opinion. We do not hurl abuses on anyone who speaks against PTI. We try to engage them and raise the facts to change their minds. We value opinions of the teammates. Every one of us employs a shared responsibility to pursue excellence  and build a respectful, collaborative environment of which we can all be proud. We believe in PTI's mission of Naya Pakistan and that we will serve as the Social Media Team of Pakistan soon!