PTI-NA condemns the irrational musings of Indian Army chief | Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf
<div align="justify">NEW JERSEY: Pakistan Tehrik e Insaf North America (PTI-NA) condemns the veiled threats and irrational utterances of Indian General Deepak Kapoor. In response, the PTI-NA reminds the Indian Army that Pakistan is an&#160; Atomic state. The entire nation stands united behind the Pakistan Army which is fully capable of defending the sacred borders of Pakistan. We also want the Generals statement to be discussed in the National Assembly (Parliament). The nation is united behind the Pakistan Army. General Tariq Majeed is right-- Delhi does not have the capability to tango with Pakistan, let alone both China and Pakistan. Indian "work" on a two-front war strategy is a futile attempt to divert the attention of ordinary Indians--steeped in penury, shackled in caste and increasingly vocal in asking for autonomous states and eventual liberation from Delhi. While General Deepak plots against Pakistan, the Naxals/Maoists continue to control 40% of Indian territory, Assam and Kashmir want out and there are about 89 insurgencies raging in the land of the Ganges.<br /> <br /> The Indian move-- away from a "Cold War Strategy??? (PWS) is an open admission of failure of that plot hatched in foreign capitals. The will determination, grit and valor of the Pakistani people will ensure that the new scheme called "Pro-Active War Strategy" (PAWS) (rapid thrust and speedy control of major Pakistani cities within 96 hours before the Pakistani Nuclear response is activated) will also fail. Pakistanis are keenly aware of the Restructured Indian command structure, and the creation of the Pakistan specific "South West Army Command". We urge all politicians, leaders, student and the people of Pakistan to be cognizant of the increased threats to Pakistan.The Indian army chief???s statement is not an isolated incident. The Indian General and his acolytes have been issuing statements about limited war with Pakistan on an ongoing basis. This has to be arrested in its tracks. Our nation cannot ignore the rhetoric, the recent Indian gibberish about Gilgit and Baltistan, the placement of Indians latest Sukhoi fighters on the borders, the completion of the fencing of the LOC, and the in creased training efforts at the Simla Army Training Centre are all red flags. Pakistan should announce the new Pakistani security paradigm, which should begin with an open renunciation of&#160; "no first use of nuclear weapons". The development of India specific miniature nukes "Pro-Active War Strategy" (PAWS) busters should be expedited and publicly announced. <br /> <br /> We urgently ask the government of Pakistan to wrap up operations ASAP and move the forces to where they belong--on the Eastern front. It is amazing that in the midst of these threat, Indian media has launched a "peace" initiative in heavily Sanskritized religious slogans (with no equivalent translation in Urdu). Pakistanis dont understand words like "Asha" and wonder why religious messages (Asha is a Hindu deity) are being sent to innocent Pakistani peace activists. PTI-NA while supporting the peace efforts condemn the Indian mercenary involvement FATA and Balochistan. Peace will begin once the Indian interference ends.<br /> <br /> Pakistan Zindabad<br /> Pakistan Paindabad<br /> <br /> Sheik Elahi<br /> Moin Ansari<br /> PIT-North America</div>