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The Arrival Ceremony for Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan at The White House Washington D.C. USA (22.07.19) (21.07.19)

Live Stream from venue Capital One Arena Washington D.C. USA (21.07.19)


"You are the people who work hard and send your remittances back to Pakistan. Who doesn’t know that overseas Pakistanis are the ones who send remittances have increased them by 10 percent in this past year. You have proven there is one Pakistani who earns and sends money back home. And then there is one who loots the nation and launders money and sends it out of the country. If it wasn’t for this community, there would be no Shaukat Khanum hospital. If there was no contribution from these Pakistanis, Namal university would not have a new building today. If it wasn’t for these overseas Pakistanis, the foundations of PTI would not have been here today. The overseas Pakistanis who have waited years to defeat the looters and for the arrival of Prime Minister Imran Khan. After many year Imran Khan has come to the USA. And let me tell you that this time Pakistan has not come with a begging bowl. We have not come for Aid. PM Imran Khan is here to tell President Trump what our vision for a new Pakistan is. PM Imran Khan is here to lead us for a narrative of peace, and for a vision for a prosperous Pakistan."


Shah Mehmood Qureshi



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