Minister for Finance Asad Umar Exclusive Talk with PTI Social Media Team | Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf

Finance Minister Asad Umar educates people about foreign reserve’s cash inflows & outflows along with current deficit due to hemorrhaging by PMLN govt in the last 24 months that has brought foreign reserves down & made markets nervous 




The decision to go to IMF was taken after taking IMF’s evaluation, phenomenally positive response from Middle East & opinion of Top Pakistani economic experts. Obviously, PTI govt nor any other govt of Pak would even think about crossing any red lines of national security ever This will be Pakistan’s 19th program with IMF. In past PMLN has gone to IMF, PPP has and even an interim govt has gone to IMF. 7 times a military govt went to IMF. Question is how to get out of this loop. Finance Minister Asad Umar has the answers.