Jibran Ilyas has been appointed as the new lead for PTI Twitter | Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf


We are pleased to announce Jibran Ilyas as the new Twitter Lead for PTI. He has served the party as Website Lead, Facebook Lead and Co-lead for PTI iPhone Application in the past.

This is how he has been welcomed by the activists:













 Jibran’s response and promises

Feeling blessed to get a chance to serve #PTIFamily as the Twitter Lead. I have to say that I have never seen a force more passionate powerful & patriotic as the #PTI volunteers on twitter. Huge fan of many activists here and I pray to Allah that I get to live up to the challenge. Have a few things to share on my first day -

First & foremost, hats off to my friend / brother @ahsanalavi who recently served as the Twitter lead. His contributions during Panama trial & GE2018 were incredible - witnessing his backend work in building team was inspiring.

Secondly, I have to say that we are so fortunate to serve in the era of @ImranKhanPTI - he has inspired multiple generations by his struggle against all mafias. I wish we show a United front for him after he sacrificed his quality life for Naya Pakistan.

Just like we delivered in KP under his leadership after a tough start, I am certain that he will dent the hostile system in Federal and deliver for Pakistan.

Third, I have a long wish list. I hope we make twitter a less hostile place and always show our skills of logic and debate when addressing our critics - it will be fun to back each other up as global team mates as we rock this space.

Another wish is to lift each and every activist of Naya Pakistan - Together, we have broken the two party system in Pakistan and I am sure that our collective efforts will bear fruit for the country. Let’s lift our arts and culture together, showcase Pakistan celebrate our heroes.

Lastly, so much to say for this thunderous welcome but for now, will just say that I will give it all that I have got for @ImranKhanPTI , #PTI and #Pakistan . Please help out by sharing ideas. Requesting your prayers and well wishes!


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