Daily News Bulletin - 4th August 2023 | Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf

4th August 2023 News Headlines

A summary of today's important and breaking news regarding PTI and the country that the mainstream media of Pakistan will never show you.

  1. Supreme Court and High Court Issue Reserved Verdicts in the Toshakhana Trial Case. In the Supreme Court and Islamabad High Court today, hearings were held regarding the Toshakhana trial cases. The Supreme Court has stopped Judge Humayoun Dilawar from giving a final decision until the issue of his eligibility to hear the case is resolved. On the other hand, Islamabad High Court has voided the previous decision that had declared Judge Humayoun Dilawar eligible to hear the Toshakhana trial case and has directed to again give a judgement.
  2. Islamabad High Court today announced its reserved verdict and rejected the request to transfer the Toshakhana case filed by Chairman Tehreek-e-Insaf, Imran Khan. Imran Khan's legal team now has the option to challenge this decision in the Supreme Court.
  3. Islamabad High Court Issues Notice in Imran Khan's Right to Defense Case. In the Toshakhana case, Judge Humayoun Dilawar had taken away Imran Khan's right to defense, leading to a petition being filed in Islamabad High Court. Today, the High Court issued notices to the parties in its decision. High Court has given an extremely strange decision. On one hand, they issue notices on witness demand, and on the other hand, they have remanded but haven't [granted bail for] remand and have asked to provide final evidence. How is it possible that before decisions are made for our witnesses, we are required to present final evidence, and yet there is no stay once again?" Imran Khan's legal team's reaction.
  4. Islamabad Bar Association strongly condemns the disrespectful conduct of Judge Humayoun Dilawar.  If Judge Humayoun Dilawar did not ask for forgiveness from the esteemed members of the bar until evening, then lawyers will not appear in his court. Islamabad Bar Association's announcement.
  5. The Judge in the Toshakhana case is continuously showing his bias. Despite orders from the two superior courts, Judge Humayoun Dilawar has asked the lawyers of Chairman Tehreek-e-Insaf Imran Khan to appear in the court at 8:30 AM today.  “Present your final evidence otherwise I will pass a judgement”, the judge threatened.
  6. Chairman Tehreek-e-Insaf, Imran Khan, is being granted a one-day extension each time in his interim bail. Both cases of NAB, Toshakhana, and Al-Qadir Trust, are only being extended for a day. One case of Bushra Bibi has also been extended for a day in the Al-Qadir Trust case.
  7. Verdicts Issued Today by Islamabad High Court Had Already Been Written Yesterday. The attempt to “match-fix” was caught in the verdicts issued today from Islamabad High Court. Chief Justice Amir Farooq had mentioned "tomorrow" in today's verdict, which is August 4, while today is August 4th.Was yesterday's verdict issued today only to prevent an appeal against this verdict since the Supreme Court is on vacation this week. This is a proof of a serious and blatant match-fixing.
  8. Despite court orders, the fascist government is giving a deaf ear to it. Shehryar Afridi was granted bail by all courts, but despite that, today he was arrested again under MPO-3 (Maintenance of Public Order) by the counter-terrorism court. "Long Live Pakistan" slogans were chanted by Shehryar Afridi as he was taken to jail again.
  9. Supreme Court Issues Detailed Verdict on PTI's Requests on April 3rd 2023 hearing. According to the verdict, the Election Commission cannot independently change the election date in any way. The Election Commission is not a master of holding elections; rather, it is a constitutional body or institution. Conducting elections is not the Election Commission's prerogative, it is its responsibility.
  10. During the hearing in Sindh High Court regarding the arrests on May 9, an interesting situation arose when the court was informed that those whose names were listed in the FIR did press conferences and are now released whereas those whose names were not listed are still in jail.
  11. On one hand, the province's ruler is busy in indulging into luxuries and making record number of foreign trips just to present his credentials with the money of the poor; on the other hand, an additional burden of electricity rates is being imposed on the poor public along with load shedding. The government has decided to impose a surcharge of Rs. 1.52 on Karachi's residents for the electricity bills. This additional charge will burden the citizens of Karachi with an extra cost of 24.5 billion rupees.
  12. Incompetent Government Has Destroyed Every National Institution in One and a Half Years. The loss in the current year by the PIA has exceeded 100 billion rupees. This performance is of the government, which claimed before the “Vote of No-Confidence” that planning for the improvement of all institutions is complete.
  13. The Wish Has Been Granted for Which the Imran Khan’s government was toppled. The PDM government has silently made a deal with the US, which Prime Minister Imran Khan had rejected by saying “Absolutely Not” resulting in his government being toppled through a no-confidence motion.