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Provincial Governments, AJ& K, GB, and ICT are making all out efforts to enforce health guidelines/ instructions‘s  compliance for public safety and well being to contain Corona virus spread.  
 8382 violations of health guidelines /instructions observed across Pakistan during last 24 hours . More than 862 markets/ shops, 9 industries units were sealed and 1437 transporters were fined/ sealed. Details of Violations of health guidelines across Pakistan and enforcement measures as under:-
Violations – 30
Closed/ Sealed: Markets/ Shops – 22; Industries – 0; Transport – 5

Violations – 596
Closed/ Sealed: Markets/ Shops – 65; Industry – 0; Transport – 256

Violations – 695
Closed/ Sealed: Markets/ Shops – 68; Transport – 282

Violations – 194
Closed/ Sealed: Markets/ Shops – 60; Industries – 1; Transport – 59

Violations – 3879
Closed/ Sealed: Markets/ Shops – 211; Transport – 112

Violations – 2227
Closed/ Sealed: Markets/ Shops – 402; Industries – 5; Transport – 718

Violations – 761
Closed/ Sealed: Markets/ Shops –34 ; Industries - 3; Transport – 5

NCOC-Meeting June 20th, 2020
Provinces apprise on SOPs compliance and update on smart lockdown to NCOC

National Command and Operation Centre (NCOC) on Saturday was apprised by the provincial chief secretaries on standard operating procedures (SOPS) compliance and smart lockdown update implemented across the country. 
The NCOC meeting chaired by Minister for Planning Development Reforms and Special Initiatives Asad Umar reviewed the update of targeted smart lockdowns implemented across the country, decisions and action points of NCC, oxygen and cylinders import and quantity finalization vis-a-vis disease projections and need assessment of critical medical equipment.
Speaking on the occasion, Asad Umar suggested that the provincial governments should issue notification to private corporations and offices to avoid taking any punitive action against employees living in smart lockdown restricted areas for not attending to offices. 
He also added that the efforts and measures taken to contain the pandemic outbreak would show results after 15 days where the provincial governments should make strict compliance of measures adopted. 
Chief Secretary KP said around 500,000 population was restricted under the smart lockdowns implemented where the major focus was on urban areas including Peshawar, Malakand, Swat, Haripur, Nowshera and Mardan. There was no activity or increased risk of coronavirus outbreak in other 7 districts including Kohistan and Upper Chitral. 
Chief Secretary Punjab said around 8 main cities were under lockdown and less than a million population was restricted. 
He added that there was over 80 percent compliance of wearing masks in public places. Strict enforcement drive was going and as many as 12,000 transport vehicles were fined for violating SOPs and health guidelines. 
Chief Secretary Sindh told the Forum that almost 24 districts with 5 million population was restricted under smart lockdown. 
Chief Secretary Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) said a total of 59 smart lockdowns were imposed in the valley where SOPs compliance had improved. He added that the district administration was providing free masks to masses on violation of SOPs. 
Chief Secretary Gilgit Baltistan informed the Forum that the Deputy Commissioners in the provinces were authorized to lockdown the areas reporting maximum coronavirus patients. He added that the general public was complying with SOPs.