Chairman PTI Imran Khan's Important Message - 3rd August 2023 | Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf


Chairman PTI Imran Khan's Important Message on 3rd August 2023

Chairman Imran Khan released an important message for the nation in which he shared critical information about the Tosha Khana Case and his concerns about the conduct of the judge hearing this case.

He covered the following points in his message:

  1. The Toshakhana case against me is proceeding at a very fast pace unlike other cases where enough time is given to provide evidence and defend.
  2. PTI legal team tried their best that Chief Justice of Islamabad Hight Court transfers their case as the law gives them the right to transfer a case if they have lost confidence in a particular judge.
  3. When I was arrested illegally from Islamabad High court and taken to Police lines, I came to know afterwards that this judge Dilawar has called me to appear in the ToshaKhana case. Me and my lawyers did not know anything about it before that.
  4. We filed a request to transfer our case to High Court on 12th May and it has been 3 months now.
  5. Out of the 35 questions posed by the judge Dilawar Humayun, I answered every question providing all the details required as evidence for the case.
  6. I have been denied the right to fair trial which is my basic right guaranteed by the law
  7. Humayun Dilawar’s Facebook account is evidence that he cannot provide me justice because of his dislike towards me.
  8. FIA gave him clean chit saying that the posts are no longer on his timeline although they can check 3 months old record by just emailing Facebook and asking them.
  9. The government whose tenure is about to finish in just few days has passed multiple bills in just one hour without any discussion. This is nothing but a joke.
  10. The Official Secret Act and the Extreme Violence Act are an effort to push the people into extreme slavery. Such laws were a hallmark of Stalin’s Soviet Union and Hitler’s Nazi Germany.
  11. According to one bill, you can’t even name an intelligence officer otherwise you will be charged with treason.
  12. It looks like this government does not want to call elections.
  13. We should worry about the situation in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa as people are still trying to get over the drone attacks and military operations in these areas. We cannot afford another security crisis.


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