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Advocate Naeem Haider Panjutha’s Presser about Injustice with Chairman Imran Khan in Solitary Confinement

Former Prime Minister Imran Khan remains in prison eleven days after being convicted in a bogus case without being given a fair trial.

His lawyer describes how he is being held in unsanitary conditions, denied access to his lawyers, and not provided facilities that he is entitled to according to prison rules. In his vlog today he said:

“Today, Bushra Bibi accompanied us on our visit to the Attock jail to meet Imran Khan.

As a counselor, it is my right to inform you that we had requested (to meet Imran Khan) as per the orders of the High Court, yet we were not allowed access (to him).

Along with that, let me also inform you how Imran Khan is being treated (in prison).

Bushra Bibi has informed us that Imran Khan is being held in a Class C (prison) facilities. He continues to be in the same cell, with the same (open) toilet, and a bucket (to bathe with) - there is no shower.

Imran Khan continues to be held in solitary confinement (with no human contact). Meaning, no one is allowed access to the area where Imran Khan is imprisoned. No one is allowed to meet him or to talk to him.

The conditions are such that not even a simple necessity, like a small mirror used for shaving, is provided.

Imran Khan did not say that he is troubled (by these conditions). Nor did he ask me to speed up his transfer from this class (of prison facility). He merely informed us of his circumstances and then said that he was even ready to be held in a (lower category) Class D (prison cell).

But Bushra Bibi informed us of the way he was being treated (in prison), which is our right to know.

A notification was issued by the government stating that (proper) facilities had already been provided to Imran khan. They even asked us for some books (for him).

But Imran Khan told us that the books, including the Holy Quran with English translation that had been ordered by the High Court, had not been given to him.

We were also concerned about the food. We were not asking for special dishes. Merely requesting that he be given safe and hygienic food that is prepared at home, because his family is concerned that food he was being given may be poisoned [as is suspected in cases of other mysterious deaths]. But that request was not approved.

The High Court had given clear instructions for Imran Khan to be treated according to the Jail Manual [prison regulations]. They were to provide the facilities that the law instructs a former Prime Minister, upon our application, is entitled to. But that has not been provided.

Along with that, his lawyers, his family, his doctor, his wife, and his friends should have been allowed access to him. The Islamabad High Court has clearly ordered that Imran Khan be treated according to the Jail Manual and the law.

Thousands of people meet other prisoners. Their families and lawyers come to meet them.

But there is a double standard for Imran Khan.

The jail authorities informed us that today only Bushra Bibi [his wife] is permitted to meet him. We [lawyers] are not given permission to meet him.

It was conveyed to us that one lawyer can meet Imran Khan on Thursday.

I contacted them myself. I contacted the Superintendent. I wrote letters and gave application to the Additional Home Secretary. But I was constantly told that only one person can meet him at a time [against court orders].

We voiced (our concerns) that there are 200 (fraudulent) cases (against Imran Khan). Nineteen bails have been dismissed. So, the relevant lawyers dealing with these cases need to get instructions.

Every case has a different lawyer. Every lawyer has to meet Imran Khan. Let one or two of these lawyers meet (him) every day. Now, if two or three lawyers meet with him every day, what difference would it make?

Are they so concerned about the security implications that if a few of his personal lawyers visit him, it would cause a breach in their security? However, they [lawyers] were not allowed to meet Imran Khan.

They said only one lawyer can meet at a time. Whether it's Khawaja Harris or Salman or Salman Akram Raja or any other lawyer of his (only one could meet him).

I can’t take everyone’s name as it will make the video long. They should be allowed to meet Imran Khan per the law.

Some (of the lawyers) have to file a petition, there are matters concerning the election commission, the issue of the (party’s election) symbol, Supreme Court matters, murder cases, NAB [National Accountability Bureau], Tosha Khana, Al Qadir Trust, there are all kinds of (bogus) cases.

We need instructions and powers of attorney. These are not being given to us.

Even his doctor, who should be permitted to medically evaluate him, is not given access to him.

We have repeatedly requested that his doctor should be allowed to meet him. But he has not been allowed to check him.

His sisters were not allowed to meet him.

None of his other family members were allowed to meet him. In fact, they told us that they will review the schedule and determine when they will allow us or not allow us to meet Imran Khan.

They want only one person to be able to meet him per week. Why are there so many restrictions? Does the law not permit it (visitation)?

Have ministers and prime ministers who were imprisoned before been treated the same way? Have all the prisoners held there treated the same way? I have never seen such a thing in my life. There should not be a dual standard.

We will put our appeal before the Chief Justice of Islamabad again and petition before him that his orders are being ignored. We have said before that those who fail to implement court orders should be held in contempt of court. Had that happened, they would not have violated orders today.

Secondly, we will challenge all court orders where bail has been dismissed.

We are also trying our best to have the Tosha Khana case appeal scheduled, which you all ask about every day. We are trying our best to have that scheduled in a day or two. God Willing it will be heard soon and Imran Khan will be granted bail.

Also, God Willing, once it is heard, the orders will be set aside.

Apart from this, the rest of the (fraudulent) cases (Imran Khan is accused of), where his arrest is being threatened, will also, God willing, be concluded favorably.

We will appeal once again for the facilities (in prison) that should rightfully be provided according to the law, but are being denied, even a notification was issued.

We will appeal concerning access to him. We will put all our requests before the court and present what is happening. Imran Khan should get justice.

As counsels we have a right to inform the public about the legal position of his cases, the decisions of the courts, and how those orders are being ignored.”