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Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan's Exclusive Message on the Inauguration of Federal Govt's projects in Karachi.

Advisor To CM On E&SE Zia Ullah Bangash Press Briefing on KP Education Department 1-Year Reforms


Advisor To CM On E&SE Zia Ullah Khan Bangash Press Briefing on KP Education Department 1-Year Performance and Reforms. [02.10.19]

The government has launched the 'Ehsaas programme' for the alleviation of poverty

The government has launched the 'Ehsaas programme' for the alleviation of poverty from the country which is the biggest programme for the downtrodden of society ever launched in Pakistan.

PM Imran Khan fulfills another promise by ordering to demolish governor house's walls.

Prime Minister Imran Khan fulfills another promise by ordering to demolish governor house's walls.

A detailed report on the tents set up by the Govt for the homeless.

A detailed report by Public News on the tents set up by the Govt for the homeless.

Pakistan Post launches a quick delivery service - 12 hours delivery

A step forward in Pakistan Post on orders of the Prime Minister. With a vision to facilitate small businesses and ensure affordable logistics & payments; same day delivery services have been launched for over 20 cities&electronic money transfers up to 50k with doorstep deliveries.

Sher ka Shikari Aaya

Dekho dekho kaun aaya, Sher ka Shikari Aaya - This chant at Aiwan-e-Iqbal will never be forgotten as it captures the sentiment of Youth during Elections Campaign 2013 ... what a roaring welcome giving to the national hero Imran Khan by the Youth of the Nation! Video by Lollipop and Laddu

November 30, 2014 - Azadi Dharna

"Jo Qaum Haar Nahi Maanti, Usse Koi Hara Nahin Sakta" This is a changed Pakistan! If you want to see Pakistan alive, come to a PTI Jalsa near you ... there is a celebration from all demographics of Pakistan at the PTI Jalsas, this video is a compilation of memorable moments from the November 30, 2014 Jalsa in Islamabad!

Sights of Minar-e-Pakistan Jalsa 2013 (day time)

It was a historic day for Pakistan! The backdrop of Baadshaadi Masjid and the PTI Youth responding to Imran Khan's call in record numbers, and then singing the Pushto Song Mashar Imran Khan (our leader Imran Khan) right along was a memory that will always be cherished.

Hum Dekhain Gey at Islamabad Jalsa (May 9, 2013)

"Laazim hai ke hum bhi dekhain gey ... Uthay Ga Haq ka nara ... Aur Raaj karay gi Khalq-e-Khuda" This day will never be forgotten as this was the night of Naya Pakistan. Elections were 2 days away and this was the last day of the campaign ... a record crowd and a fully charged crowd first gave the loudest welcome to Imran Khan (who joined via Live link form SKMCH Hospital) and then...

Biggest Jalsa Ever - Lahore 2014

This is the biggest Jalsa Pakistan has ever seen. During the days of the Dharna, Imran Khan and PTI toured different cities. This Jalsa at Minar-e-Pakistan was compared to the gathering on March 23, 1940, the Pakistan resolution day. This video made by PTI Social Media team talks about the fortune of serving in the Imran Khan era which by all means will be written as the Golden era of Pakistan.

Tum Kharay Thay

"Aanay Wali Tamaam Naslain Gawahi Dein gi ke tum kharay thay" When the country needed its people to stand up against the status quo, history will declare that PTI volunteers were responding to the call that would change Pakistan forever. We are fortunate to have Imran Khan lead the nation and thankful to be able to stand up with him. Video credits: Ahmed Nadeem

Tsunami in Lahore (March 23, 2013)

"Har Pakistani ke Saath 18 crore Pakistani khara hoga" and "Mubarak, Tsunami Aa gayi" , the two phrases from Imran Khan's speech that still gives goosebumps for the March 23, 2013 Jalsa at Minar-e-Pakistan. The first phrase was for overseas Pakistanis and the second one ... you have to see the whole video to feel it!

Chalo Chalo Imran ke Saath

Brilliant song by Rahet Fateh Ali Khan for Imran Khan and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf. This song became the biggest anthem in General Elections Campaign 2013 and truly defined the spirit of the campaign. This video is compiled by Zeeshan Humayun.

Larho Mujhe - Song for Imran Khan

This song by Bilal Khan fits very well on Imran Khan who has taken a fight against the Status Quo for the sake of Pakistan. The video of this song has been compiled brilliantly by Faisal Javed Khan. Urta hua tara hoon Ooncha sa aik nara hoon

Mein tou Dekhoon ga - PTI Tsunami Oct 30, 2011

The day Imran Khan awakened Pakistan! Lahore showed up in huge numbers to pledge Tabdeeli under the leadership of Imran Khan and since then, the struggle for Naya Pakistan got a new meaning. From that day, it wasn't just Imran Khan who was the custodian of this dream, it became the dream and promise of the Youth and Women of Pakistan!

Zamane ke Andaz Badlay Gaye

The passion seen at PTI events is unique to PTI as the Youth of the country has spoken in favor of Imran Khan and PTI. This video is from a Youth event in Lahore where the crowd is celebrating the good times to come in Pakistan under the leadership of Imran Khan

Imran Khan's speech from 1996

The 20 year struggle started from the strive for Justice, Self Esteem and Humanity and now we are closer than ever to achieve our goal. Chairman declared in 1996 that we only fear Allah and nobody else, he said "Hum aik Azaad Qaum ki tarah jiyein gey, na Imran Khan khud kisi ke aagay jhuka hai, no woh apni Qaum ko kisi ke aagay jhuknay de ga"