That's how Billion Tree Tsunami has changed the whole country.

Billion Tree Tsunami: A Tale of Imran Khan’s Extra-Ordinary Vision

Prior to Elections 2013, our party launched a comprehensive “Environmental Policy”; something unprecedented in Pakistan before. As soon as we assumed KPK government, we now had the means to implement our policies and manifesto across the province.

In 2014, the PTI-led KPK government launched the visionary Billion Tree Tsunami. The afforestation project included 732 million new saplings, 27 million self-growing saplings that were taken into preservation, 240 million saplings after procurement and 153 million saplings distributed among the public.

Billion Tree Tsunami has been acknowledged by WWF and this project makes Pakistan to be one of the countries that have successfully completed the Bonn Challenge.

The project of the Billion Tree Tsunami has changed the whole country. The project has been admired by multiple international media outlets as well. Let's have a look at the impacts of Billion Tree Tsunami:


The environmental change is the biggest achievement of Billion Tree Tsunami. Plantation of almost 1.2 billion trees has changed the course of the environment in the of the province. It is not only leaving the positive environmental impacts on KPK but also affecting the whole country in a positive way. That's the reason ever Pakistani wants the same kind of plantation in the whole country. 

International Praise: 

The Billion Tree Tsunami project has been declared a Green Gold by AFP in their story. You can read it by Clicking Here

 Following is the list of some more International Media outlets praising the Billion Tree Tsunami - Click on the names to view :

  • “Cricket-star turned politician Imran Khan launched the green initiative in Khyber Pakhtunkhaw” The Independent 
  • “Pakistan’s northwestern province, Khyber Pakhtunkhaw (KPK), has planted an unprecedented 1 billion trees in just more than two years”  VOA News
  • “Pakistan’s Billion Tree Tsunami restores 350,000 hectares of forests” ​ IUCN
  • “'Billion tree tsunami' surges across northern Pakistan” ​ REUTERS
  • “Pakistan investing $150m in billion-tree reforestation” ​AlJazeera

Economic Boost: 

About 13000 govt and private nurseries were set up in the whole province and an estimated 500,000 green jobs were created. 

These were some of the prominent outcomes of the Billion Tree Tsunami Project - It has started showing its result and it will be benefitting the upcoming generations of the country. 


The afforestation has affected the environment in an extremely positive manner. In addition to environmental changes, about 13,000 government and private nurseries were set up in the whole province and an estimated 500,000 green jobs were created