Major steps taken by the PTI Government in one week. | Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf

Here is a list of steps taken by the PTI led government in the past one week: 

  • Pakistan protests with the Netherlands against the blasphemous cartoon competition - Source Here
  • Prime Minister Imran Khan decides not to live in the PM House - Saving up to one billion rupees per annum. (Source - Prime Minister's speech) 
  • Only two servants for the prime minister instead of 532 -(Source - Prime Minister's speech) 
  • The cars imported for the protocol will be auctioned.- (Source - Prime Minister's speech) 
  • The simplest ever oath taking ceremony - Saving millions of rupees
  • Pledging to take the case of Kulbhushan Yadev in the international court. Source Here
  • Pakistan announces to help Turkey. Source Here
  • Pakistan announces to help the Indian Govt in floods. Source Here
  • Pakistan factually corrects the stance of US Govt - Source Here
  • Only 4 people to go abroad for the UN conference - Video Here
  • These privileges will be taken away from the members of parliament and ministers: Air travel in the first class, Staying the five-star hotels abroad, Discretionary funds of billion, health treatment abroad and the VIP protocol. Watch Fawad Chaudhry's presser for complete details by clicking here