Highlights of the key achievements by PTI-led Government. | Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf
  • Loans repaid by PTI govt in 22 months: RS 5000 Billion
  • Amount borrowed from State Bank in 22 months: NIL
  • Panagahs established by PTI govt in 22 months: 200+
  • Rs 2 Billion allocated to transform PM house into a university.
  • Effective diplomacy saved Pakistan from paying $1.2bn penalty in Karkey case
  • Kartarpur corridor constructed and made operational within months.
  • Modi exposed across the globe, Kashmir issues raised at international forums, India isolated.
  • 10 billion tree Tsunami project praised across the globe and being replicated by other developed counties.
  • Sehat Sahoolat card being provided to every family in KPK. Providing Insurance coverage worth 1 million per family annually.
  • Rs 150 Billion+ distributed among the needy through the Ehsas Emergency Cash program.
  • Funding provided for a number of DAM projects. Work on most has commenced and would be completed after PTI's tenure finishes. Because a leader thinks of the next generation. Not the next election.
  • Government paying utility bills for small business in an attempt to shoulder some of their expenses in times of Covid19.
  • Current account deficit reduced to $3 Billion from $20 Billion within 22 months.
  • State Bank's reserves have increased from $9.7 Billion to $12.3 Billion in 22 months.
  • 1.2 million families of Azad Kashmir to get Sehat Sahulat card with insurance coverage of Rs 1 million per family annually.
  • Tax collection was increasing at a rate of 17% before Covid19 arrived. Hundreds of thousands of new filers had registered with the FBR.
  • 7 million families will receive Sehat Sahulat Card in Punjab during the current year. 4.6 million families have already received it. All these families would have insurance coverage of Rs 1 million annually.
  • After Covid19 arrived, Imran Khan was the first leader who raised voice for debt relief. He was mocked. People discussed his tracksuit for days. A few weeks later, Pakistan ended up securing $2.4 billion debt relief.
  • "In Pakistan, the outlook has improved markedly since the 2018 general election victory of Imran Khan. In a short period, the country has seen notable improvements in business sentiment & macroeconomic policy-making." -Financial Times
  • Covid19: Cases per million around the world: 1,275 Cases per million in Pakistan: 901 Deaths per million around the world: 68.3 Deaths per million in Pakistan: 18
  • Discussed Kashmir's issue every time he met President Donald Trump leading to the US president repeatedly offering to act as a mediator between India & Pakistan in an attempt to solve the Kashmir crisis. Previous PM wouldn't even mention Kashmir.
  • Thousands of poor Pakistanis locked up in prisons abroad were brought back to Pakistan thanks to PM Imran Khan's impressive diplomacy. GhareeboN ka Wazir e Azam.
  • Pakistan secured Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) of $2.1 Billion in the first 9 months of the financial year 2019-2020. Highest in the last 11 years.
  • In 22 months, the PTI government has constructed and revamped 1824 kms of roads across Pakistan. Which is 600 km more than PMLN did in their last 2 years.
  • PM Imran Khan reduced PM office staff to 298 from 552. Reduced the operating cost of the PM office to 339 million from 509 million. (33% reduction) No camp offices. Bears expenses of his house himself. Unprecedented Austerity.
  • Ease of doing Business: Pakistan was ranked 147th in the world in 2018. Pakistan has jumped 39 places to 108 under Imran Khan's leadership in less than two years.
  • In 22 months, PM Imran Khan's government has brought the Trade Deficit down to $21 billion from $37 billion.

Compiled by: Umar Khan

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