Imran Khan's Speech at Sahiwal Jalsa - PP 202 - 6 July 2022 | Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf

Today, Imran Khan addresses the perceptive youth, elders and women in Sahiwal. After seeing the heavy downpour of rain, I thought I’d be able to swim here but it won’t be possible for us to hold a jalsa. Now, looking at the crowd, I present you all my homage, especially my sisters who came out in spite the rain and the water that’s standing. I am truly very grateful to all of you. Now, I want to address the youth among my nation here, Pakistan was established on the two-nation theory.



Our great leader, Quaid-e-Azam, struggled to liberate us from this slavery of the colonial masters, as well as the Hindu leaders later. The power of La Ilaha Illa Allah is that it liberate a man from all forms of slavery. You don’t bow down in front of anyone except Allah, this kalimah gives you your honour back. It turns a small person into a mighty man, and for this, Allama Iqbal dreamed of a country where we, as Muslims, would be living like a free nation, and that nation would be built on the principles of the welfare state created by Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم. Today, once more, we are dealing with a two-nation theory on this land. One is where we are free humans, who only fear and worship Allah, and are free men on His land. And the other theory is where the people don’t worship Allah but worship their wealth, and are slaves to money i.e. the Sharifs and the Zardaris. My nation now is fully aware of the corruption of these families alongside Diesel. Especially, our farmers, they have seen the prices of Diesel touch the skies. Tube wells aren’t working anymore, and there’s an eternal load shedding. Now, these thieves who were planted by the Americans through a regime change operation, are once more back into power to plunder the wealth of our country. They’ve led to an unprecedented inflation in Pakistan, with petrol, gas and diesel’s prices going out of control While the inflation is ever-rising, our economy has been brought down to the ground. Even our economic surveys tell that Pakistan made the best progress in the last 2 years after 17 years in Pakistan’s history. Our farmers benefitted the most in the last two years, made sure they got paid on time, and provided them with utmost help. I ask my cognisant youth present here to tell us that they reject this imported government. Raise your hands and promise me that you will be able to defeat the traitors among us in the future elections. The unprincipled Electoral Commission has done its best to bring these corrupt criminals back into power. Even if the umpire takes their side, these people shall never win. I am the only Pakistani Captain who defeated the Indians in the cricket match on their land. The Sharifs never won fair and square in anything, their modus operandi is to cheat, lie and steal in order to remain in power with their looted wealth. These people have already started missing with the voter’s list, and I want at least 10 people from our side in the polling stations on the Election Day. I want my youth to stop these people from rigging the upcoming elections. It’s upon you now to stop this imported government from getting away with rigging in the elections. The results will be out on 17th July, and by the will of Allah, we will win 20 out of 20 elections. Now, listen to what American conspiracy has led to in Pakistan: The fall of our government with their regime operation and planting this foreign government based on these crooks who’ve stolen the wealth of Pakistan over the last few decades. The Mir Jafars and Mir Sadiqs among us betray the trust and conspire to bring these thieves into power. The crooks who were stealing for generations from Pakistan, Nawaz Sharif, Zardari, and even Diesel, and took their turns to continue their daylight robbery. When we raise our voices against their thievery, they retaliate and file F.I.Rs against us to silence us. They’ve filed 15 F.I.Rs against me- even if they filed 15,000 F.I.R.s against me, I will still never spare them or let them get away with their corruption. Today, I salute the journalists such as Ayaz Amir, who have stood up for the truth and showed everyone the current reality of Pakistan. Imran Riaz Khan, I salute you too; anyone who believes in La Ilaha Illa Allah breaks free of the fear, so thank you for your fearless reporting. The entire nation has witnessed how Imran Riaz was treated by these criminals. The only aim these thieves have right now is to instil the fears in the hearts of the people to pave way for legitimisation of their government. Zardari, who’s plundered the country for the last 30 years, as well as Nawaz Sharif enjoying his time in London, while his brother and daughter continue to lie and steal from the people of Pakistan. The journalists who sold their conscience for money and fame have joined the league of the corrupt imported government, whereas the people who love this country, its land, and wanted to see Pakistan become a welfare state have been taken to the courts on false premise and charges planted against them in different cities. Haleem Adil Sheikh, the opposition leader in Sindh of PTI has been imprisoned whereas a corrupt man like Murad Ali Shah is the CM there. My Pakistanis, listen to this well, Allah commanded us to command good and forbid the evil, we must walk with the truth, justice and stand against evil. Here, these people are forcing us to take an opposite stance or they will jail us, file F.I.R. against us in order to silence us. The country, the nation that was built on the principle of Islamic statement La Ilaha Illa Allah is being told that if we don’t accept the leadership of this corrupt government, and that if we dared speak up, then we will be imprisoned and punished. Today, I want to give my nation a message, and a warning to anyone who is standing with these criminals today will also go down with them as this nation will bring you to account for your unforgivable stance. The nation shall not forgive such people, neither shall the history and those people who are trying to keep this fake government. Don’t try to stand in the pathway of truth lest you want Pakistan to turn into Sri Lanka or Lebanon, let the people freely speak their mind, and let’s not push the country towards anarchy. Don’t scare them with an F.I.R. The people are ready to struggle and stand for their true independences. The nation has moved ahead and will keep struggling for their true independence. Finally, I want to congratulate Major Sahab in advance, and want him to make sure to check the list of the voters as the thieves have planted fake votes to rig the elections in their favour. And also, there must be at least 10 young sharp men present at the polling stations.

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