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With the increase of usage of Information Technology, there is a dire need to have foolproof security in this regard.

As KP Govt. continues to digitize the departments, the data needs to be protected from any malicious activists.  

KP IT board established KP Cyber Emergency Response Center in 2018 to ensure the security of provincial and national digital assets. KP CERC conducts different workshops and training sessions for Govt employees to help secure the digital surface of Pakistan. 

Crash Course on Cyber Security  for Government Employees





Capacity building of IT staff is critical in safeguarding the government digital assets and citizen's data. "Crash Course on Cyber Security" for Government Employees end at KP CERC. Same training track 

Crash course contents were divided into

  •  End User Awareness Session
  • Website Defacement Incident Response
  •  Web Threat Modeling
  • System Hardening

KP CERC has the mandate to provide security for digital application, services & digital assets used, managed or deployed by the government departments across KP. KP CERC has accomplished these by designing & deploying a Cybersecurity framework which aims to train skilled human resources, contribute towards empowering the government departments across KP along with industry by providing advisory in the cyber and information security area.

To enable and empower Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in Cyber Security and its affiliated domains through awareness, training and technical assistance for mitigating the risks associated with digital transformation in order to ensure a safe cyberspace for the citizens. 

Here is how a Pakistani digital publication, ProPakistani has talked about it: 

KP CERC helps identify and respond to various cyber risks and helps the government develop a mitigation & business continuity plan. KP CERC team is experienced security consulting that specializes in tackling and solving the most challenging information security issues.

During the past year, KPCERC has worked on establishing the first public sector CERT by working on various initiatives in training & awareness, governance, infrastructure, vulnerability assessment & penetration testing and incidence response.

KP CERC aims to build the capacity of graduates in general and government employees in particular by providing expertise and skills in domains of cybersecurity. KPCERC aspires to train and provide technical support and services in the domain of cyber security through customized training, workshops, and drills. KPCERC has developed 8 different curriculum tracks for Cyber Security training program at a basic, intermediate and advanced level.

KP CERC is developing an Online Cybersecurity program for capacity building for govt. employees. This is the first indigenous online Cybersecurity training course for government employees and will include over 150 video demos on end-user security management. A state of the art training lab is setup powered by a mini datacentre to facilitate customized cybersecurity training.


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