CDA attract record investment of over Rs 17 billion in three days. | Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf


The Capital Development Authority (Islamabad) attracted a record investment of 17 Billion Rupees in just 3 days, this positively impacts growth and development in Islamabad promoted by PTI.

1) Bids worth 17.04 billion approved at end of three day auction. Offers were near 23 billion but a couple of bids were below their reserve price so CDA accepted bids worth 17.04 billion.

2) Highest in history of CDA This is what CDA normally earns in two years which was generated in three days.
3) Highest ever bid amount of Rs. 1.5 million per yard secured.
4) Largest plot sold was 7000 yards (1.75 acres).
5) Not a penny spent by govt and 17 billion generated for the city while economic activity worth 100s of billion associated with this. This will result in job creation and economic revival
6) reflects investors confidence in the govt. 
7) Now we are planning to offer residual plots from this auction and blue area opposite f-8 Insha Allah in October so they can benefit from the December deadline and we raise more money.


Written in 2022.