Jibran Ilyas | Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf
Secretary Social Media - Twitter Handle: @agentjay2009

Jibran Ilyas serves as a Director of Incident Response for a leading Cyber Security Firm and is an Adjunct Professor at Northwestern University (USA) for a Digital Forensics course. At his day job, Jibran serves as an investigative lead for high profile data breaches. As a thought leader, Jibran has presented on the topics of computer forensics and cybercrime at several global security conferences including DEFCON, Black Hat USA, RSA Conference, Thotcon, Microsoft Digital Crimes Conference and SOURCE Barcelona. He was recently honored as Crain’s Chicago Business 40 under 40 for his contributions to the cyber security industry.

Jibran has been part of PTI Social Media Team since 2011 and has served as Central Facebook lead, iPhone App Co-Lead and Website lead. In 2011, Jibran was appointed Facebook admin for PTI Chicago page and from there he was promoted to PTI USA Facebook Admin in 2012. Also in year 2012, Jibran started working on PTI's Official iPhone Application with Co-leads Haris Siddiqui and Aly Boghani. The application was released on January 20, 2013 and became the first ever mobile application for a political party in Pakistan.

In year 2013, Jibran quit his job in Chicago and traveled to Lahore to become part of Election Campaign 2013 and worked in National Campaign office in Lahore from March 2013 to May 2013. He traveled on almost all Campaign Jalsas with a team of passionate volunteers and provided coverage on all Official Social Media channels. Post campaign (On June 10, 2013), he was promoted to PTI's Central Facebook page lead where he led central facebook pages including PTI’s official page and Chairman Imran Khan’s official page.

As the facebook lead, Jibran introduced several new features on facebook pages such as detailed testimonials from supporters and short User Feedback graphics to build a narrative and to promote the true feelings of the Pakistani people, in the context of the historical times we live in. Jibran managed a Global team of volunteers for PTI regional and overseas facebook pages and led the PTI's narrative on Facebook for the historical Dharna for 126 Days. Under Jibran's tenure of about one and a half years, PTI's Central Facebook page grew from 852,000 Likes to 2.46 Million Likes, while Imran Khan's Official Facebook page grew from 964,000 Likes to 3.29 Million Likes (all without any paid promotions). The secret of the success was the heartfelt captions him and his team created on all posts, and maintaining a high standard for the content according to PTI's Social Media Code of Conduct.

In 2018, Jibran served as one of the leads for PTI website revamp, which was officially launched at Minar e Pakistan PTI Jalsa in April. The site played a pivotal role in General Elections 2018 by propagating PTI’s message, selling PTI merchandise and facilitating online donations. It continues to provide single source of truth for all PTI developments.

Jibran has a bachelor's degree in Computer Science from DePaul University and a Master's degree in Information Technology Management from Northwestern University.