PTI Social Media Team Alumni | Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf

PTI Social Media salutes our volunteers who served the team with great pride for so many years. Here are some members who have moved on to other titles in Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf. The second category on this page are the heroes who served the team but now taking a break for personal reasons.

Suleiman Ali Khan

Core Team

Dr. Suleiman Ali Khan is a PhD in Statistical Data Analysis and a researcher at the renowned University of Helsinki in Finland. He has also co-authored... Read More

Arsalan Khalid

Ex-Secretary Social Media

A doctor by profession having done his MBBS from King Edward Medical University Lahore. He has been with PTI SMT since 2010 and had been working with... Read More

Faakhir Rizvi

Ex Creative Head

Faakhir has 20 years experience in graphic designing and has worked for leading Pakistani advertising agencies as Director of Graphics. He developed... Read More

Hans Masroor Badvi

Ex-Sindh lead

Hans Masroor is a Network Security Professional with 12 years of hands on experience. His area of expertise include large scale firewalls and security... Read More

Faisal Ahmad Jafri

Ex-Facebook Lead

Faisal has an MBA from one of Pakistan's most prestigious business schools, IBA Karachi and and engineering degree from NED University.

... Read More

Tabinda Samar

Central Twitter Admin

Tabinda Samar is a clinical Psychologist by profession. She is associated with PTI official Social Media Team since 2015. In addition to her further... Read More

Zahra Mughiz

Central Twitter Admin

A student of Economics and General Sciences at Kinnaird College Lahore, professionally a freelance writer, is an active member of PTI's official... Read More

Zohaib Wazir

Co-Baluchistan Lead

Zohaib Wazir joined PTI Social Media Team in 2010. Since then, he has worked on multifarious on-ground as well as back-end support projects being Co-... Read More

Ali Nawaz

KPK Admin

Ali Nawaz is one of the ground coverage leads in KPK. He has covered all the PTI related events, meetings, festivals & have brought live updates... Read More

Hanan Naeem

Videos Lead

Hanan graduated with MSc Radio Communications from Aalto University, Finland and currently working as a senior telecom engineer. He is a team lead for... Read More

Raveem Choudhry

Central Photographer & Videographer

Raveem Choudhry is a travel & tourism entrepreneur and has a vast experience in organizational development. He is a part of PTI social media team... Read More

Mujtaba Sharf

Senior Member

Mutjaba Sharf is entreprenuer who has been running an IT business in Saudi Arabia and Paksitan for the last 10 years. His expertise are Network Planing... Read More

Ahmed Nadeem

Twitter Team

Ahmed Nadeem is part of official twitter team for PTI, he not only help manage official accounts, but also contribute towards narrative building. He is... Read More

Hassan Khan

Facebook Team

Hassan Khan holds a bachelor's degree in Computer Science & IT, from NED University Karachi., He is a Telecom Engineer By profession working in... Read More

Ali Malik

Facebook Team

Ali Malik holds a bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering, from DeVry University Chicago., He is a Business development head by profession and... Read More

Dr. Taslim Aarbi

Facebook Team

Taslim is a doctor by profession. She holds a post-graduation degree in pediatrics from Pakistan and UK. She is working as specialty doctor in pediatric... Read More

Haroon Iqbal

Central Twitter and Facebook Admin

Haroon Iqbal is an entrepreneur running his operations in the Middle East, providing information security services. He is a seasoned sales and business... Read More

Humaira Hassan

Central Twitter Admin

Humaira Hasan is an accountant with over 10 plus years of experience working in the care industry, managing over 40 staff & HR dept. She joined PTI... Read More

Ramsha Shafi

Twitter Team

Ramsha A Shafi is an undergraduate student based out of Karachi. She has been associated with the Social Media Team since 2014 and has been involved in... Read More

Sarwar Khan


Sarwar Khan joined the PTI Social Media Team in 2015 as a Photographer covering Bani Gala and Imran Khan's official events. He provides live... Read More

Muhammad Ijaz

Head of Social Media KP South

Mubammad Ijaz has been serving PTI since 2008. He volunteered for Insaf Students Federation (ISF) and then joined the PTI Social Media as the Head of... Read More

Mohammad Zargham

Senior Member

Mohammad Zargham is a Creative Designer, Photographer, 3D Artist, Videographer, Editor, ATL & BTL Marketer and currently working as a Creative... Read More

Fahad Aziz


Fahad Aziz works for a multinational software house as Head Designer. His work as web designer is recognized as top brands of the world are using his... Read More

Kashif Ihsan

Photographer/Video Editor

Kashif is General Manager at a construction company in London. He is originally from Faisalabad and has been serving PTI since 2012. He has covered 100... Read More

Ghulam Musfata

Ground Team

Ghulam Mustafa has completed Masters in Business Administration and currently resides in UK. He is a member of UK Social Media Team since 2014. He... Read More