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NBC Economy - 13 Oct (Narrative Building Centre)

1-First Quarter FY Non-Tax Revenue collected PKR 406 Billion which means likely increase by end of year will be PKR 400 Billion. 
2- Telecom sector Revenue likely to fetch Rs 338 Billion
3- SBP Profit likely to be at Rs 200 Billion 
4- Selling of LNG Plants to earn Rs 300 Billion 
5. No borrowing from SBP to artificially keep Pak Rs stable, yet Rupee is stable from last 3 months
6. $340 Million record inflow from Mutual Fund. 
7.Half a Million new tax payers join tax net. 
8. Number of FATF conditions met 20 out of 27, in comparison with previous governments who were able to meet only 6 conditions out of 27.
9. Bullish trend in stock market has entered 8th week. 
10. CDA approves start of new sector E12. 


NBC (National Narrative Building Centre) 12th Oct-Last 24 hours.

1. Pakistan Stock Exchange crosses 34000 points, gains 5500 points in last two months.
2.  Government awards license to foreign firms for renewable energy projects. 
3. FBR first Quarter  (FQ) of FY-20 tax collection PKR 304 Billion..
4.  FBR asks large retailers to link invoicing system with FBR by Dec 1st.
5. FBR strikes a deal with UAE government with exchanging details of Pakistani asset owners. Aqama abuse also being handled.
6. Global investors piling into Pakistan's local currency bonds with 342 Million dollar of Portfolio Investment.
7. Total Export Quantity increased by 12%, in 2019 YoY basis, Textile exports cross 13 Billion Dollar due to 26% increase in quantity.
8. Trade deficit shrinks by 35% to $5.72 billion
9. Imports fall by 20.5% exports up by 2.7% FQ FY


NBC (National Narrative Building Centre) – 11th Oct. 

1. Pakistan Post launches National Internship Program with 35000 vacancies.
2.  Taxtile industry shows 26% growth in quantitive term according to APTMA. 
3. A complaint cell to be operational at Prime Minister Office with MNAs & MPAs listening to complains directly.
4.  New tourism zones being formed in KP. 20 new tourist spots identified in KP.
5. KP govt announce 50% rebate in electricity charges to Industry. 
6. Iraqi government to issue visas to Pakistani citizens for Arbaeen.
7. Remittance in Sept 2019  increase by 17.5% compared to Sept 2018.
8. Industrial Sectors profit year ending 30 Jun 2019. 

Banking: Rs 147 Billion. 
Cement:  Rs 31 Billion. 
Auto:         Rs 121 Billion. 
Oil&Gas:  Rs 221 Billion. 
Fertiliser: Rs 68 Billion. 
Power:       Rs 27 Billion. 
9. 579 Pakistanis freed in Saudi Arabia. 
10. FBR launches Tax Asaan app for easy tax filing. 
11. PIA completes overhauling of Boeing 777 indigenously. 
12. CDA removes 579 illegal structures at Bari Imam Isbd. 
13. Construction of underpass at PWD on Islamabad Expressway approved.

NBC (National Narrative Building Centre) – 10th Oct. 

1. China has offered full support to Pakistan on Kashmir. 
2. Economic Stabilisation efforts bearing fruits. Current Account deficit almost reduced by 50%. Exports increased. Non borrowed Foreign exchange begins to grow. 
3.ADB lending for development projects in Pakistan has been doubled as a result of economic reforms in Pakistan. 
4. Three new state of the art Container scanning terminals inaugurated to handle increasing volume of cargo at ports. 
5. Pak-China ML-1 main line Railway track project finalised & will be completed in 4 years. Fast trains will start after completion of ML-1. 
6. Three world bodies will monitor 10 Billion trees project of Pakistan on the initiative of Govt of Pakistan to ensure transparency. 
7. Regulation on Housing Societies in Islamabad are being revised for ease of business. 
8. Pakistan & Turkey have agreed to set up a centre of excellence in tourism & hospitality. 
9. PM to embark on reconciliation visit to Iran & Saudi Arabia soon in efforts to bring Muslim Ummah close. 
10. Govt of Punjab set to employee disabled persons for vacant 8,079 vacancies . 
11. Azerbaijan will sign up long term LNG supply agreement with Pakistan. 
12. Sehat Insaf Card Programme launched in Jehlum & Chakwal Districts. 
13. Entertainment Park project inaugurated by the CM Punjab in Chakwal District.26 Billion development projects for Chakwal approved. 
14. Pakistan Post announces Debit Card for Pensioners to help old citizens for easy access to cash without suffering in long queue & bureaucratic hurdles. This will also eliminate ghost pensioners.

NBC (National Narrative Building Centre) - 9 Oct. 

    1.    NHA Accountability recovers 13.2 Million. 
    2.    NHA recovers 200 million in Okara Bypass project. 
    3.    NHA recovers 242 Million from Bisma/Punjgore project. 
    4.    NHA recovers 69 million from DG Khan Indus Highway. 
    5.    NHA recovers 122 million from Muzaffarabad Dual carriageway project. 
    6.    Establishment of CPEC Authority Ordnance issued by President. Tax relief ordnance to Gwadar Port also issued. 
7. Pak-China Friendship Hospital to be constructed at a cost of 100 million dollars
8. A 300 megawatt coal powered plant  being set up in Gwadar. 
9. A plant to treat hard water for human consumption being established.
10. Naya Pakistan housing scheme first balloting on 12th Oct.
11. Mobile diabetes clinics launched by KP government with free insulin. 

From Punjab:

  • Ban lifted on the appointment of employees on vacant posts.
  • Traffic Licensing fee decreased, fines increased
  • Punjab Border Police & Bloch Levis Amendments approved
  • Approval of Rawalpindi University of Technology Bill approved. 

NBC (National Narrative Building Centre) - 8 Oct. 

    1.    Karachi to Lahore ML1 Railway track talks will restart in China. 
    2.    7000 MW Bunji Hydropower project talks starts at China. 
    3.    PM launches Langar Scheme for the poorest under Ehsas program. 
    4.    Qasim Khan Suri returns to Parliament after getting justice from Supreme Court. 
    5.    FBR issues 1,34000 tax notices to rich non filers. 
    6.    4.5 Million women new voters registered in country. 
    7.    PM approves CDA restructuring plan. Development plan of new Blue area discussed. 
    8.    Radio Frequency number plates according to International standards will be introduced in Islamabad. 
    9.    Review petition against Reko Diq case being filed at ICSID. 
    10.    WASA will be made an autonomous body in Punjab.

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