Zeeshan Shafquat Malik | Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf
Content Writter
Zeeshan Shafquat Malik is a serial entrepreneur based in Islamabad. He holds an undergraduate degree in mass communications, served at a local TV channel as a program anchor for a ‘national security’ show previously. He is has been involved in social media consultancy since 2008. He has worked with brands like Samsung Pakistan, Telenor Pakistan, The Body Shop, Shoaib Akhtar, etc. in the last decade. Currently, he is working on his thesis for masters in broadcast journalism at NUST. He is an avid public speaker and has inspired 3000+ people at various seminars, workshops, conferences and lectures in the past few years due to which he has been widely featured both locally and foreign; in multiple TV channels, radio stations, magazines, blogs and documentaries. He is a Global Shaper from Islamabad hub for World Economic Forum. He has been featured and acknowledged by Coca Cola Pakistan, OPEN Forum, BBC World Radio Service, TEDx and others. He is a huge supporter of Imran Khan and his party's ‘movement for justice’. He joined PTI social media team actively in 2009. He spent initial years working for PTI web management team, updating and posting news stories at Insaf.pk. Later he joined central PTI facebook team, attended all party processions; big and small, made live updates from ground, and campaigned digitally during general elections of 2013.