Younis Khaliq | Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf
Insaf Tv
Younis holds certifications in Computer Science and is a Web Developer, SEO and SMM consultant at Blaster Web Services USA, by profession. Younis is the Divisional Head Bahawalpur for PTI Social Media Team since 2013. He contributes to Insaf TV as a video admin and also posts content on Regional Facebook and Twitter accounts. Through the content research and writing, he plays a major role in communicating PTI's narrative. Live tweet casting, data sharing, and content research are the areas he focuses on to highlight the achievements of the party. He has been handling social media campaign for the party since 2006 for local PTI in Bahawalpur. He is also a key member of SMT Punjab. Younis is one of the veterans of PTI Social Media Team in Punjab.