Naeem ur Rahman | Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf
Senior Graphics Designer
Naeem served as a senior member of PTI Graphics Design Team and created landmark graphics such as PTI's official Logo, Insaf TV Logo, Membership Drive Graphics and the Graphics for PTI Manifesto. With over 17 years of experience within creative graphic design, web design and web development, Naeem has an extensive amount of industry knowledge and have developed expert techniques alongside bespoke strategies for delivering positive results for visual concept geared toward increasing media presence and product allure. He has worked with a large variety of clients from all industries, with a particular concentration on the fashion industry and leading media outlets for over 10 years. During which time he developed a valuable network of partners and associated with the design concepts and social media industry. He has handled the project management of world-class digital content within keeping of projected budget and deadlines. This included managing in-house production teams and photographers and supporting senior management, marketing department and sales teams. Naeem is currently focusing on his startup