Women reserved seats from PTI - The empowerment of merit. | Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf


The Chairman of Tehreek-e-Insaf has worked hard to bring this party where it stands today. Many men and women have helped along the way. Die-hard PTI supporters who have given time energy and commitment to this party deserve applaud and appreciation. 

Having said that; those who have been awarded tickets for GE2018 we congratulate you, it's now your turn to bring the seat home. For those who have been not awarded specially the women tickets on reserve seats we'll try to understand. Each and every case of an individual has been thoroughly investigated and feedback/surveys conducted on one's performance, a merit based formula has been applied to award the ticket. 

In PTI all of us know the Chairman of the party does not encourage award given to relatives. None of us who support his cause are related to him. He is one man in the entire country who heads the second largest political party in Pakistan yet you will not see a single relative of his at any prided position. Similarly, the names of women in the lists that have been compiled are NOT related to him from anywhere. All those women whose names show on the final lists are those who have been chosen due to merit. Living breathing in PTI since many years, why is this reality not being accepted by women whose names are not showing in the final list? Either it means that you never understood your Chairman's vision or you don't really want to understand and do some self-accountability


Written by: Ayesha Zee Khan