We want to have a great relationship with Pakistan -President Donald Trump | Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf

2019 is a year of Real Change for Pakistan, not only in terms of internal matters but external as well. A living example of this can be witnessed from the recent statement of President of the United States. The USA famous for its ‘do more’ narrative is now eager to develop friendly ties with Pakistan after receiving a tight slap in form of Khan’s few statements which were good enough to put the US in its place. The altered behavior of US is sole because Prime Minister Imran Khan delivered his promise of ‘hum jhukay gay nahi’ (we will not bend) stance. Today, Pakistan is no longer a submissive country, instead, we stand tall with our heads high. We will have relations on our terms based on mutual respect and common interest of the people. Having said that, let’s applaud Khan for his tireless effort spread over a decade to encourage peace talks with the Taliban and develop friendly relations with neighboring countries.