PTI USA Election overview and schedule | Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf

We are excited to announce that PTI USA will be holding intra-party elections across the USA in July 2017. We are looking to work with our members to run a Membership Drive in order to organize PTI USA quickly and efficiently. A well-organized PTI USA will have the ability to strengthen Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf during the critical period leading up to the General Elections in Pakistan.

Member Coordinator (MC)

In order to conduct a successful intra-party election, we have to increase our paid membership base. We challenge you to become a Member Coordinator (MC) in your City/State for PTI USA by getting 20 or more people to sign up and become paid members of PTI USA online

Once you have the backing of 20+ members and are appointed an MC, why not consider contesting the intra-party election and coming onto your local Chapter Board to promote the manifesto of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf and actively help with fundraising for your Kaptaan!

Intra-Party Elections

While we work to refine the details and the standard operating procedures (SOPs), here is a brief overview of what to expect in the months and weeks leading up to the intra-party election date of22nd July, 2017.

Paying members of PTI USA can vote in the upcoming elections
Paying members of PTI USA will be eligible to contest elections
Elections will be conducted at a "Chapter" level.
A City or State may form a Chapter if it has 200 or more paying members
Based on the data collected during the membership drive period, Chapter demarcation will be finalized and announced by the Board at the end of the membership drive
Each Chapter Board will have three elected positions: President, Vice President, and General Secretary
There will be a $100 non-refundable nomination fee for each of the three positions
Intra-Party Elections
NO Activity Deadline

01    Membership Drive Cut-off Date    06-30-2017
02    Chapter Demarcation Announcement    07-03-2017
03    Candidate Nomination Cut-off Date    07-10-2017
04    Candidate List Announcement    07-13-2017
05    Election Day    07-22-2017
06    Results Announcements    07-23-2017
PTI USA LLC Board members

Mr. Sajjad Burki (President)(281) 236 9492
Dr. Mohammad Razaq, (Director /Treasurer)Tel: (909) 525-2504
Dr. Aftab Hussain (VP) Tel: (571) 432-9136
Mr. Ali Asim Khan (Secretary Information) Tel:(908) 248 2746
Mr. Qamar Zaman Khan (Director) (415) 418-9755
Ms. Kulsoom Syed (Director) (202) 569 0790
Mr. Fasial Irshad (Director) (917) 536 6126
Ms. Sherry Khan (General Secretary)Tel: (562) 528-6989