Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan Speech at 14th OIC Summit of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation | Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf

 “I want to use this forum to talk to the OIC about explaining to the West that their idea of freedom of expression cannot hurt the sentiments of Muslims across the globe. Just the way that the Jewish community has made no space for error when it comes to the Holocaust, the OIC too needs to stand for the sentiments of the Muslim world and make it known to the world how much love and respect we have for our Holy Prophet (PBUH). The Western World has equated radical Islam with terrorism and this has done a tremendous amount of disservice to the Muslim world. It has led to Islamophobia; the words radical Islam have been used to define terrorism. There is suspicion raised against Muslims globally because of it. The gunman in NZ; such people have this indoctrination that terrorism has something to do with Islam. Before 9/11, 80 percent of suicide bombings were by the Tamil Tigers. No one blamed Hinduism for it; no one blamed any religion for Japanese Kamikaze bombers. Politics and power struggles are the reasons behind terrorism. Muslim political struggles like that of Kashmir have been oppressed because of a misconception of Islamic terrorism uses to vilify their struggle. I also want to bring up the point that The Muslim world also must pay more attention to science and technology. We are on the verge of a new industrial revolution and we must not be left behind again in this world of AI, blockchain and more. We must pay more attention to quality education and universities; an area in which the Muslim world lags. I fear the Muslim world may be left behind again and this is the best forum to raise this concern in. This is the 50th year of the OIC; it was made to resolve the Palestinian issue. There must be a two-state solution and the annexation of Golan heights ended. The people of Kashmir must also have their right to self-determination; us as a body must stand against the oppression happening with the Muslim world.”