Press Release - 15.9.2015 PTI UAE Election Commission Intra-Party Elections 2015 | Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf

Membership drive for UAE chapter has ended on 11-Sept-2015 and the chapter now goes into the next stage of elections. The new benchmark for paying membership is achieved, with this we enter crucial face of screening and evaluating nominations from each panel, carefully review membership data before finally declaring a winner. It is important that following guidelines/points are read and understood by everyone.


  1. Please ensure that panels nominate single-point-of-contact to deal with Election Commission UAE.
  2. All complains/suggestions/disputes to be directed to Election Commissions UAE.
  3. All panels to ensure they have paid their nomination fees and filled the required forms and provided all the information that has been requested alongside proof of residence and proof of ID in the nomination form online link.
  4. There shall be no online and offline campaigns against each other and all the guidelines that have been put out regarding code of conduct and election process should be strictly adhered to.
  5. There shall be no mass email chains directed to the PTI central leadership. All inquires and communication must be sent to the Election Commission.


Election Commission will review and validate the nomination papers, we may contact relevant people for verification if required.
Please do NOT hesitate to contact us for queries related to election and its process agreed for UAE among all panels.


Election Commission



Nomination Form


PTI UAE Self Declaration Form