Imran Khan asks PTI workers to be prepared for protests or celebrations soon in Islamabad | Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf

"Either I am going to invite you for celebrations or I am going to invite you to help us gain justice. N league representatives keep dismissing JIT report as a conspiracy; but the report via financial investigation agencies and attested documentation by BVI, Maryam Nawaz is beneficiary owner of Mayfair flats. Then the prime minister of Pakistan was working as a marketing manager on paper in a UAE company. Gulf steel that they claimed is what they sold and sent money via Qatar, but what pti had presented in court that gulf steel was in losses, that is exactly what JIT revealed and that the Qatari letter was a fraud. And then the trust deed that they showed got caught as forged documentation and they were caught on the font Calibri. The report is massive and detailed but this is the crux of it and it is damning.

Why do the sharif family call it a conspiracy now? Because whenever In the past they have been asked, they have settled issues by coercion or then buying people off. It wasn't a conspiracy before? Why is it that when they are brought under the system of justice it becomes a conspiracy? Buying people, destroying institutions... that's not a conspiracy? SECP chairman was found tampering documentation; the man who heads the stock exchange and many companies is helping tamper documents to save the sharif family by trying to hide their corruption in Choudry sugar mills. Whoever steals for them is okay; whoever calls out their corruption is a conspirator. To destroy Pakistan to save one family is a conspiracy; an investigative body that did 60 days of work and presented such a detailed report against such a powerful criminal is not a conspiracy. N league people are saying it's a conspiracy when all that is happening is an attempt to save the corruption of one family. Don't you have any shame and don't your children live in this country? Till their corruption is saved you are happy? Societies can never progress if people don't stand against such injustice. Germany was destroyed after world war 2 but 10 years later these same countries became economic powers. These people are destroying the institutions of our country and they are the traitors of the country. No one has been a bigger traitor to Pakistan than these people who have laundered billions out of the country.

They made a law in 1992, the economic reforms act, to save their own corruption. They set up companies abroad and set up massive commission scoring projects from which they sent money out of the country. Nawaz sharif in just 4 years received 117 Crore rupees from one steel mill as they claim; and then Isbaq Dars children are billionaires in dubai. This is so convenient that they have no idea how their children are making money. They have been doing this for 30 years in Pakistan and set up the biggest money laundering racket in Pakistan. I commend the JIT; even I had no idea they would do such a thorough job. They just need to answer four questions but they don't want to give answers but just say that it's a conspiracy. Accomplices like Mualana Fazlur Rehman are saying that it's an international conspiracy. After the JIT they are going to attack two institutions; one is the JIT and one is the pakistan army. The other institutions they have already destroyed; SECP destroyed, FBR destroyed. They are involved in changing documentation to save the Sharifs. There is a case on them on the Asghar Khan issue where there is a case on them that they have money to the ISI; but no one is willing to investigate them.

NAB chairman is trying to bury cases levied on Shahbaz sharif. Instead of recovering Pakistani nations money, they are saving the corruption of the Sharif family. Those institutions that work, they are telling them that they are conspirators. This is the sharif family mafia. They talk of democracy; but they have even destroyed the parliament. The way Britain held David Cameron accountable, but here senior parliamentarians like Khwaja Asif saying oh the nation will forget the Panama issue . The speaker who received the reference after Panama papers doesn't send Nawaz Sharifs case to election commission but sends Imran Khans; the speaker who is supposed to be impartial. And then the public accounts committee also says we can't do against against the prime minister. Nawaz sharif, you and your entire mafia better listen; if you think you will attack the Supreme Court or destroy the Pakistan army to save your corruption you are extremely mistaken. I promise the nation today, that no matter what Nawaz sharif tries to destroy our institutions.... u will see a sea of people on the roads that will be unprecedented to make sure you resign and stop leeching off this country.

All of the youth of Pakistan has seen what you have done and what you are doing; I am telling you from this platform... you are not going to Jeddah you are doing to Adiyala jail. No rulers in Dubai can save your corruption, no Donald trump can save you. There is only one road for you and that is to Adiyala jail. In the end, I want to thank all of you for coming here today on such short notice. And I am saying again that prepare yourselves; either we will celebrate in Islamabad or otherwise we will hit the streets to save our democracy and to make sure we send this mafia to Adiyala jail."