Happy Birthday ISF | Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf
<p>On 14th November, a group of students; patriots and thinkers set set the fundamentals of a federation, a fraternity bound by one ideology and a desire to do something about the injustice around them. Today, that clique of students has grown into a nationwide institution, a symbol of change, of Hope. ISF is the proof of our capacity to challenge the status quo and emerge victorious. ISF is the fruit of a selfless struggle. We are the change that this country has been hungering for and have proven that it is REAL!</p> <p>ISF&#160;has worked day and night in establishing itself and spreading in all areas of Pakistan. Today thousands of students are a member of it and actively participating in bringing a change. ISF&#160;is not comprised of just one or two main people, it is a whole team who has joined hands to make Imran Khans mission successful.</p> <p>AB&#160;NAHI&#160;TO&#160;KAB?</p> <p>HUM&#160;NAHI&#160;TO&#160;KAUN?</p> <p>President Lahore ISF</p> <p>M. Usman</p>