Dawn's article on PTI's plan for Water Garbage & Sewage in Karachi .  | Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf

Dawn's article on PTI's plan for Water Garbage & Sewage in Karachi. 

Click here to read PTI's plan. 

You can read the full article of Dawn by clicking here. Following are some of the excerpts from the article and the quotes from Dr. Arif Alvi:

“This took us two years to develop. We visited the Karachi Water and Sewerage Board (KWSB) installations and held consultations with all stakeholders, including officials representing the government, cantonment boards, Defence Housing Authority, Hub Power Company Limited (Hubco) and potential investors,”

“These issues must come in public discourse. I agree that honest people make a lot of difference but it’s equally important to bring in checks and accountability at every level of governance and strengthening institutions such as the National Accountability Bureau,”

And here is an excerpt from the article: 

"Under its garbage-to-energy-to-water proposal, the PTI suggests setting up a 10MGD pilot desalination plant using solid waste of 700 tonnes of per day (TPD) or 50MGD using 7,000TPD, which can be scalable to 200MGD."