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Membership Coordinator

Arqum Tashfeen

Arqum Tashfeen is the membership coordinator for Malaysia

Contact: +6019 663 4151
[email protected]

Membership Coordinator.

Said Zamin

Said Zamin is a membership coordinator for PTI Malaysia. 

Contact: +60177356701

Email: [email protected]

President PTI Hong Kong

Yasir Naveed

Yasir Naveed is an environmental consultant with high hopes for the youth of Pakistan. He was awarded the Top 3 Most Promising Entrepreneurs Award by The Economist in 2015 for his social enterprise that focuses on women empowerment through small business opportunities. Yasir believes in the potential of overseas Pakistanis and hopes to mobilize more overseas youth for the benefit of Pakistan.

General Secretary PTI Hong Kong

Iftikhar Khan

Iftikhar Khan is a prominent social activist and businessman in Hong Kong. His contributions for the Muslim community of Hong Kong are well known and respected. Belonging to Attock in Pakistan and having lived in Hong Kong for several decades, Iftikhar Khan has quickly become the voice of many underpriveleged Pakistanis who suffer social injustice and discrimination due to poor education or unavailability of resources.

Membership Coordinator

Shahzad Khan

Mr. Shahzad Khan is the membership coordinator for PTI Malaysia Chapter.

Email: [email protected]

 Contact# 006 0123511194

Membership Coordinator

Muhammad Naeem Khan

Muhammad Naeem Khan is the Membership Coordinator for PTI Malaysia.
Contact : +60166653123
Email: [email protected]