Faisal Ahmad Jafri | Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf
Facebook Lead
Faisal has an MBA from one of Pakistan's most prestigious business schools, IBA Karachi and and engineering degree from NED University. Faisal joined the PTI Social Media Team in 2013. Upon his joining, Faisal identified twitter as his area of interest and became a part of our twitter team. Besides working in the twitter team, Faisal gradually assisted the facebook members as well and focused on narrative building, rebuttal of propaganda and projection of KP govt across various social media platforms. Faisal was the core member of the team that launched twitter account @KPKupdates which today now is the most commonly referred to account for all updates regarding KP on twitter. Faisal developed a quick knack on live tweetcasting Imran Khan's interviews and brilliantly handled @PTIofficial during dharna days and tweeted Chariman Imran Khan's daily speeches. Faisal was made part of SMT Core Team earlier this year due to his performance and now he leads PTI's Facebook Channel. Faisal is interested in research, reading and writing. His blogs have been published in daily newspapers as well. He is a team player with a go-getter attitude. He has led several research based initiatives for PTI Social Media team and has done outreach to journalists and intelligentsia to clarify PTI's stance on important subjects.