Ali Ghumman | Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf
Core Member
Ali graduated with an MBA from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business after founding three start-ups. He is presently employed at a technology company as a Principal providing strategic support to software deals with fortune 500 organizations. He started volunteering for PTI after Lahore Jalsa 2011 and initiated activities in Chicago in order to raise funds, mobilize folks to get their NICOP cards, and improve general awareness. Subsequently, he led an effort to empower PTI's election campaign with analytics, working with the on-ground TRP teams, divided resources based on data and political knowledge to gain the best possible results. He has been part of PTI's social media team since 2011 starting with pages like PTI Chicago and PTI USA Official, later working on the backend teams for Imran Khan (official) and PTI official during the election campaign, ensuing protests, PTI's historic dharna, etc. He helped out with the PTI iPhone and Android Mobile Apps and co-authored a white paper to invoke voting rights for oversees Pakistanis. Ali is also an ex Facebook Lead for PTI. In his tenure, PTI Official and IK Official ranked among the top 100 most viral entities in the world during his tenure. Also, IK Official became the 3rd most viral page related to politics and PTI Official became the 4th in the same period. The numbers for most viral post, most people engaged, most unique views reached new heights.