Who is Abbas Ibn Ali - Lifeline of a Great Man | Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf


1. Hazrat Abbas was son of Hazrat Ali and Ummul Banin bint Hizam. He was younger step brother of Imam Hussain who loved and followed his brother whole heartedly and considered himself his slave. He was a renowned warrior, a strong man who had fought alongside Hazrat Ali even when he was only 12 years old.
2. His courage & bravery were legendary and enemy ranks were terrified of facing him considering him none less threat then Ali Ibn Abutalib. Hazrat Abbas stood by the side of Imam Hussain in all the good and bad moments of their lives and on the day Imam Hussain needed him the most, the 10th day of Muharram, 61 A.D at the barren land of Karbala.
3. In the battle of Karbala, Abbas was the flag bearer Hussain's motley army and in one on one battle(norm of those days) no one could have defeated Abbas. Yezid's army knew that, Hussain knew that and while Hazrat Abbas wanted to fight as his brothers Usman, Ja’far and Abdullah had already attained martyrdom in Karbala but Hussain was not here to wage war. He was standing for justice, dignity and safeguarding the principles whose foundations were laid by his grandfather prophet Muhammad (SAWW) so he refused to give Abbas permission to fight. 
4. What difficult moment it would have been for a warrior as Abbas to see all his family members and companions fight and give their lives in front of him for the Holy cause while on the other hand seeing children who had been crying from thirst as Yezid's army had blocked water supply to the family and companions of prophet Muhammad (SAWW) for past 3 days.
5. Sakina, 6 years daughter of Imam Hussain, passive with thirst and scorching desert heat approached her uncle Abbas and urged on behalf of all children to provide them water. Abbas in response approached   Imam Hussain for permission who earlier didn't allow him to go to war but permitted Abbas to fetch water from the river Euphrates to quench the thirst of the kids. 
6. Abbas came out of the camp and asked the enemy: “What sin have these children committed that you seek to kill them? How do you justify denying water to children and women?" Hearing these words, hundreds of the enemy soldiers attacked Abbas from all sides. Abbas repelled the onslaught with the spirit and strength of Haider-e-karrar that ran through his blood and the enemy soldiers took to their heels.
7. Diverting the enemy on backfoot with his sword, Abbas reached the banks of the Euphrates, Abbas then raised a handful of water to show to the world that he had command over the river then. He filled the leather bag with water and started towards Imam Hussain 's camp. History says Abbas nor his horse drank water though he was also thirsty since last 4 days but then how could he have it knowing the people who he loved were also thirsty.   
8. Fearing that water might, after all, reach Hussain 's camp, the enemy rallied now in thousands and not hundred in number. Since they couldn't defeat him with sword, the archers were called in. While Abbas was busy avoiding the arrows to hit the water bag, one of the soldier came from behind and severed his right arm. Abbas caught the leather bag by his left hand. Another vile soldier of Yazid slunk behind and cut his left hand. Abbas caught the leather bag by teeth, intended on saving the bag of water. An arrow then pierced the leather bag and water flowed out of it. 
9. At this moment, an arrow struck Abbas in the eye, blinding him completely while at same time he was clubbed from behind. Knowing that his object of procuring water for the children failed, a frustrated Abbas lost the desire to live, and fell down from his horse. When Imam Hussain managed to reach his stricken brother, Abbas requested him not to take his body to the camp as he could not bear to face the children whom he had failed to take water for.
10. Historians state that after Abbas, none of the children asked for water again. Till Abbas was alive, the 54 years old Imam Hussain was able to stand upright and confident but after Abbas, Hussain lost his strength and felt an old man. Our deepest respect for the man who stood for principles, loyalty and respect. Shrine of Hazrat Abbas is parallel to the shrine of Imam Hussain in karbala while burials of his 2 severed arms are also within 4 kms diameter of his shrine.

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