Too Lazy to Vote - Too Early to Change - Insaf Blog by Sarah Ahmed | Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf


Mr. Chaudhry, who lives down the street loves a good holiday. He says that he's too lazy to vote and Mrs. Chaudhry says the same and her grown up children have heard their parents saying this all their lives, so they don't vote either. But, Mr. Chaudhry and his family also curse when there's no light, argue about how they can't save for that trip to the northern areas that they yearn for because of the high taxes and they hate the political crisis in the country. But has Mr. Chaudhry ever done anything about it? No.

Armeen Khan. She's a teacher. When her students put up photos on Facebook with their thumbs inked proudly, she comments that she just got one long weekend now that her Saturdays are on and she decided to sleep it off. On regular days, she complains about the literacy rate in the country.

Dr. Azam. He's an exceptional doctor and occasionally, he writes columns about corruption in Pakistan. He prays for a corrupt free country for his children in the future. Yet, when it is time to vote, he goes with his sons to the morning movie show instead.

Nida and Aimen. They're best friends. All year round they post their opinions of which party to support on social media platforms. Quite often, they ask other people about their preferences. And yet, when the big day arrives, they glue themselves to the television screen to see the end results. They say, 'humare vote say thori na kuch hona hai?'

The problem, my dear people is that there's one of these people in every household. People refuse to acknowledge the importance each and every vote has, they do not decipher that it is them who can change the country and it is them, who hold the solution to their problems in their very hands. How long will we spend in blaming the government when it is people like us who choose procrastination over change? How long will we keep cursing the opposition when they win when all this time, we helped them in achieving their goals by thinking that our votes won't count? Each and every vote counts. Every vote is a voice in its own. And when voices come together, they are heard and once heard, a revolution begins. Wake up, brush your teeth, step in your vehicle or walk if you must, but go and vote.