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I contribute my two cents on the current hue and cry raised by many over the distribution of tickets by PTI parliamentary board.

Mostly there are no complaints about the ticket allocation in the three educated urban centers i.e Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad. Most of the complaints come from semi educated cities , towns and low literacy rural areas of Pakistan where electables have been accommodated. 

However, the rationale behind this decision will become clear and obvious once we start reading the situation in perspective with what Pakistan is going through these days. 

The direness of our problems demands Imran Khan to implement his education , health care , water reservoirs, women empowerment , poverty alleviation, environment, policing and national sovereignty agenda at any rate and for this he needs stalwarts. No one will put his money on weaker candidates in such tricky  circumstances and plethora of problems that beset Pakistan currently. Given the dire situation, Imran Khan must do all that it takes to sweep into power and save the motherland.  

Any route he takes to achieve the above goal according to doctrine of necessity as per Islam will be kosher to save the country from going down the drain. He bailed out and uplifted the terrorism torn KPK. Now he must do the same for the entire country. That's the objective he initiated his struggle 22 years ago to achieve. He doesn't want to call it quits and end his political career without reforming Pakistan. 

Those who know the hard facts know what security agencies might have told Imran Khan.  They want the country to be saved at any cost. Exactly the same we want.  No time to try the novices who call themselves ideologues yet never work hard or come even close to winning. On the polling day , they don't even have the polling agents. 
Imran Khan gave them a chance in last elections and they blowed it up. They all fared miserably in bye elections on different constituencies across Punjab and Sindh. Then again they couldn't perform as per the expectations in local bodies polls and PTI was wiped out in both Punjab and Sindh. 

How many times are we going to try them, I ask. No more . 

We need people with the right muscle to win. Imran needs electables to steer the lost ship of Pakistan towards the coast. He doesnt want power for himself but to salvage the country and we all know that.  If you don't believe me then watch the media reports for yourself . How we are terribly beseiged on all sides by enemy countries. How India is planning to break us into pieces with US support , how our water resources are depleting and how a financial emergency and bankruptcy is staring us in the face. 

Pakistan is running out of time. After 5 years , there is not going to be a country by the name Pakistan.  So let Imran Khan try whatever means he is employing. We don't have water. We have been surrounded by enemies. Our national debt is sky high and we can't service it. We are running into financial emergency.  There is no time to talk about ideology . Save your country . That's all . The only ideology is to save Pakistan.
"Support Imran Khan, to save Pakistan" should be our one point agenda for the time being .

As for the so called ideologues, they would be well advised to try their luck in Senate or local bodies . They also stand a chance to be given advisory and several other portfolios in govt once PTI is in power. But at the moment tickets must go for NA and PA to those who can win. This election is either make or break for Pakistan. 

Nawaz and Zardari's merciless loot and treacherous practices have left the country on the brink of disaster which is only 3 or 4 months away. Then God forbid, you will be Somalia or Rwanda.  Before that happens, wake up all and smell the brewing coffee.

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