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Sarkain, power plants and loans have been the key features of Pmln. Haven't they? Now have a look at their dark side. This interview of John Perkins (a former economic hitman) almost a decade ago explains the exact situation in Pakistan today -

A land full of resources ruled by greedy families!

SELFLESSNESS OF PMLN/PPP FOR SPENDING LOANS ON INFRASTRUCTURAL CHANGES: There are people who still defend pmln taking loans because they see a few power plants and roads and are given a false sense of "taraqi" They think that those loans are being selflessly poured into such mega projects for their benefit, not realising how those few influential families are benefited by earning commission and intl corporations in return. So Noon league and PPP dont make roads and power plants because they'll get you "jobs" or attract investors. They do it because they get i) benefits from commision and intl corporations ii) making a few motorways and power plants is an easy way out instead of making hundreds of hospitals/universities/libraries and improving our institutions that can't be projected in election campaigns.

HOW FOREIGN LOANS & CORRUPT GOVT EFFECT OUR LIVES: It doesn't end there. Obviously, those corporations aren't just functioning to benefit those influential families. They want their money back as well. So those loans become an excuse to impose higher taxes on aam awaam that was never truly benefited by them. Those loans are recovered by reducing allowances and cutting budget from social service projects for aam awam. So as doctors and teachers, don't protest for raise in salaries and allowances, as aam awaam don't protest for improvement in social security, health care and education sector, don't wonder why everything from electricity to petrol is getting expensive (not because of their value but due to the rising taxes imposed on them) if you don't understand the link between these LOANS TAKEN BY YOUR BELOVED GOVT and each and every problem mentioned above.

HOW FOREIGN LOANS AND CORRUPT GOVT EFFECT OUR SOVEREIGNTY: Ultimately, the fate of lending insane amount of loans to a corrupt government comes forth and the country is forced to sell/privatise its National assets/entities to those corporations or companies that indirectly work for those corporations + These corporations are further fed by Govts of other countries to force the weak & indebted countries to vote in favour of them (influential countries) in the UN or intl platforms. This means a time may come when our country could be forced to give up its nuclear plant, its writ on the issue of Kashmir and Indus Waters OR face international isolation and sudden rise in poverty as superficial support from such loans/aids had never strengthened our foundations.