Panama Case ka Faisla By Yar Muhammad Niazi | Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf

Whatever the decision of the Panama case today came, but just hearing this one, the PML-N and the government's behavior and performance of the government institutions have emerged in front of the whole world and it has proved that the ruling class has made its own personal To achieve interests, the funeral of all institutions has been removed and the politics that was considered as worship was made a game of money and power.
Now imagine what can be done if all previous 30 years of cases are re-examined correctly. Everyone will know that the person who loved this dear country Pakistan drew the edge of the country's laws and institutions in order to gain personal interest. The politicians made different slogans for their own personal benefits, they used to slaughter a bread cloth. No one has returned the country in the name of law enforcement. Someone enjoys the vote and power in the name of nationality.
No one has yet to account. Today, if the Supreme Court disagrees with Nawaz Sharif, a new morning may start in Pakistan. The biggest problem of this country is that elite, which is actually inconvenience. They have destroyed all departments for their own interests. People know everything, but the people still believe in false slogans, and they shatter them after reaching the assembly to the massacres and the villagers.
As far as electoral reforms are not done in this country, not enough action against corruption, the procedure is not cleared for the provision of immediate justice to the people. These countries and its politicians will continue to keep the country globally and the people remain pivotal Will be If politicians are accused of being accused, they say that we do not allow bureaucracy, army and other institutions to work and also say that only politicians we are corrupted are not bureaucracy or army corrupt. I ask them, Why did this happen to be corrupt because of seeing you involved in corruption, they started corruption. Will politicians just give the statements and do the Prince Conferencing. Let us be told which laws have been introduced in the last 30 years, which has benefited the public and that country. Yes, many laws have been passed through which black blacks have been white and their means of losing their sin. But it is still time that we can save this country but for that we have to understand the public and all the corrupt politicians will have their real times. We all have to work together with all Pakistanis. Now it is very hard now that we have to go ahead and become a Pakistani, because politicians have fought us for their personal interests, sometimes in the name of profession, sometimes the name of the sect, and the name of Lansayat. But now we have to go ahead only to make Pakistan one so that these corrupt politicians can not sell a lot of money.
Allah is the prostitute of all Pakistanis. Amen
Pakistan Zindabad
By Yar Mohammad Khan Nazi