Nobility of Pakistan; a Halt to Progress By Imran Khan | Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf

Before the Revolution knocking the door of France in between 17th and 18th century, The Bourbon Dynasty of France had been going through a serious economic crisis even though they had won French phase of The Thirty Years Of War against the Hapsburgs Rule and put an end to the power of Catholic Church in Europe. But still, they were not able to uphold their power to the rest of Europe because the French nobility was the main reason behind economic crises and an obstacle to progress. They were exempted from paying taxes. Their interference and influx in the politics and religion had literally crippled the state in making decisions for the national interests. They had lots of wealth yet their education level wasn't up to the level through which they could rule the country.

In Pakistan, Nobility is either Politicians or Bureaucrats. They have quite same behaviors as nobility in France had. Their only concern is to fill their treasury by any mean. For which they invest a little part of their wealth So that later they could get back double amount out it. For example, At the time of elections, most of the politicians spend a huge amount on rallies and campaigns, yet election commision has never asked any of them from where did they get all that money or through which law they have been spending a large amount of money. And after coming into power they have nobody above them who could ask about their earnings and expenses.

According to a research, only a few out of every hundred people in Pakistan pay regular taxes. Ministers and other nobles always present their assets in a contrast to their original properties and that's only because So that they have had not to pay taxes. Meanwhile, they put extra taxes on food items and other daily accessories in the name of (Boosting Economy) like fake slogans to keep their treasury filled every time.

Approximately half of the population in Pakistan are either below the poverty line or they are not in a position to raise the question on the monopoly of the feudal system. The only concern that they have is to how to earn a livelihood. Lack of education is another reason these feudals have been looting Pakistan for the past seventy years. Because they know these poor and uneducated people have no hindsight to understand their falsehood and dishonesty to the country. And if somebody starts raising question over their corruption, he or she is either killed or publicly disgraced.

Pakistani nobility has a huge influx of foreign policy as well. For their own interest, they make decisions which are not in the interests of the country. Like very recently former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif had secretly invited an Indian business tycoon and held a business meeting with him despite knowing that Pakistan and India share complicated relations. Which later exposed by some national and international news agencies.

Similarly, Panama Papers which is an international news agency that collects information about the black or hidden money of politicians in the world revealed names of more than a hundred Pakistani politicians who stole money from Pakistan and preserved it in foreign banks. Following Pakistan's supreme judiciary took Suo-Motto notice and disqualified prime minister at that time for not proving the legality of his earned money.

Pakistan has been facing poverty, corruption and lagging in every field only because of the monopoly of nobility in Pakistan and it can never get development until nobility is not bridled and restrained from interfering in political and governmental matters. Pakistan needs leaders like Cardinal Richelieu and Mazarin who are known to introduce intendants (Common People in Government) in France during the late seventeenth century. And this is the only option we can get rid off corrupt nobility in Pakistan.

Written By Imran Khan, Student of BA (Hons) in University Of Karachi