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How can you miss the elephant in the room !

 I am so shocked and surprised that like the media and morons in opposition most of our Facebook brothers on these forums have neither noted nor understood what has happened. 
I am talking about IK’s press conference on the new local government system in Punjab last evening. Most people have failed to understand the gravity,  impact and implications of what has happened so quietly. Hardly any comments or response to this earth shattering post. 

The media, PMLN and people are busy sending Muhammad Nawaz Sharif to jail or discussing the appointment of Governor SBP, Asif Ali Zardari and NRO. I think it is beyond their political acumen or understanding. 

This is a volcanic shift in the power dynamics of this country in its 73 years history. This is going to change Pakistan forever and for the first time people at the grassroots level will have power and authority in their own hands. A real chance to improve their condition. 
The provincial government will be more or less like the state governments in USA. Nothing much to do except Central planning and legislative work. A complete power shift and total financial independence in Punjab right up to the village level. The towns and mega cities their own tax collection and spending system and directly controlling the development authorities , water and sewerage boards, schools, hospitals and other bodies previously under the provincial governments. Can anybody believe that.
The clout and power of the provincial government has been totally clipped and similarly the previous role of MPA’s and MNA’s, which has now been purely restricted to legislation. Nothing else. The beauty is that it has already been passed by the assembly, signed and ratified by the governor and made into a law. The deed is done and complete. There is nothing anybody can do now. Once this power transition is complete, the people themselves will never let anybody touch it ever. The right to control and better their lives.

Bravo IK. Bravo!
With one stroke you have changed the entire power dynamics and power centres in the country. Unparalleled. 
This will change the destiny, power dynamics and power base of Pakistan forever. You will see most MPA’s and MNA’s from Punjab will resign their seats in the national and provincial assemblies and fight the forthcoming local government and local bodies elections. 

That is where the power and monies have shifted. WOW! Then some fools ask. Where is the promised change ? LOL