JIT and its 11 questions: By Mohammad Abdhu | Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf

The court has not just ordered the formation of GIT but also has asked the Prime Minister to ask eleven questions. The court reached the result. If you are still disqualified then Nawaz will become a hero. I would like to know that. While the court wishes, the public should also know how Sharif Sharif is returning to the country forty years. So in the next two months, many new family foods will open in Sharif. There will be more assets and disclosures of corruption. Lies will disappear. The newest new statements of the family will prove to be false to each other. And every fifteen days later, this report will be found in the media through the court. And every street will talk about corruption in family Sharifia. This series will continue to be the next fifteen days report. After two months after the chair was left, where will the lord get the honor? That is why the judge said that this decision will be remembered twenty years. While I say, not twenty, as long as a person listening to this decision will be remembered. Because the decision came to English, few new leagues understood. Those who came to English also forgot to read the decision of sweets. Tell nuns who eat sweets and celebrate happiness. The court has ordered an officer of the Inspector Level asking the Prime Minister and his children to ask the following questions. One. How do young sons buy flat flights in London in the 90s? give. How did the capital reach Jeddah, London and Qatar? Three. How was the Gulf Steel Mill Bunny and How Was It? Four. How was Gulf Steel sold? Five. How did Hassan Nawaz get these companies? Six. Where did the investments for Hill Metal, Flagship Investment Limited, other companies? Seven. What is the transparency of shares in rows flats? Eight. Is the letter of a sudden ritual princess in the present truth or the fiction? Nine. Where did the billions of rupees come from to run these companies? Ten. Who are the beneficiaries from the Nelson and Nucleol companies? Eleven How did children give Nawaz Sharif to millions of rupees? Still they are confused that Imran does not get politics.