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Imran Khan’s Maiden Speech

Thanks to ALLAH Almighty, at last we witnessed someone who spoke from the core of his heart, as a Pakistani national addressing a common man issues which he faces on daily basis. The whole nation was glued to their TV sets, Prime Minister Imran Khan’s maiden speech which started with recitation of Holy Quran and then the national anthem of Pakistan. He started with thanking the workers who had been with him for last 22 years in this “jihad” (really felt proud, I joined PTI in 2005 making 13 years of struggle for NAYA Pakistan). Imran Khan paid tribute to Late SaloniApi,Late Ahsan Rasheed and all the workers who had supported him when the party was called as TONGA PARTY. He sid I salute to all those who stood beside me during the most difficult times, I could have not been here without you.

He said that he would follow the footsteps of the Great Jinnah and Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) to chalk out his government’s strategy and transform the current state into an “ISLAMIC WELFARE STATE”. Khan presented a bleak picture of prevailing economic situation in Pakistan. He added that “Never in Pakistan’s history we have faced such difficult socio economic circumstances”. Till date the total debt burden is Rs. 28 Trillion. In last 10 years the debt burden had a steep rise from Rs 6 Trillion to the figures we have now. The last two governments had lavishly spent the money, but we will bring back the money, that is God willing, what we are here to do. (Insha’Allah).

We have to take more loans to pay the interest only for the debt we took earlier. We have to get hold of this vicious circle of interest otherwise this debt demon is going to eat us all. On one hand we are indebted and on the other hand HDI (human development index) ranking is in the doldrums according to UNDP report. Khan added with due sorry we are from the nation where still mothers and new born babies die at the time of birth. 45% of the children die due to malnutrition. Unfortunately we are among 5 countries of the world where the infant mortality is high due to unhygienic water. The babies are not developed properly due to lack of food.

Khan pointed out the difference in lifestyle of the rich and poor people of Pakistan. He said I feel ashamed mentioning the PM house has 524 servants and 80 luxurious cars. He said I would adopt and austere style of living and governance. I would be only using 2 cars for my transport and only 2 workers who would be serving me. On one had there is a poor nation and on the other hand this ruling elite class who live like the British lived when they had colonized us. There are people in Pakistan who cannot afford to eat twice a day. He said whom are we going to ask about the 25 Million children out of schools, the explosion of unstoppable population and the diversification of the present resources. Pakistan is ranked 7th globally who will suffer the most from the phenomenon called Global warming.

PM Khan said, “The time has come that we should decide to change our fate, our destiny” and I assure you that I would definitely do it with the help of you, my country fellows. PM Khan said that we have to change the approach, rethink the way of life we are living today. We cannot progress if we keep heading the way we are going. We have to use the examples of the governance set forth by our Holy Prophet Mohammad (PBUH). Even the countries in the west developed when they started following the principles laid down by our Prophet Mohammad (PBUH). If we don’t follow these principles we as a nation cannot come out the existing plight. He said what Holy Prophet (PBUH) did to unite all the tribes which were living in Arabian Peninsula at that time. How did he mould them into one of the most powerful nations on the planet earth? I want my nation also to lift them based on this model and principles.

Prime Minister Imran Khan gave a 5 point agenda to the nation.

SUPREMACY OF THE LAW is the first on agenda. No one is above the law. There would one law for the poor and the rich. Next come in the line is ZAKAT. He asked what zakat mean. It means that I spend based on what I have on those who don’t have enough. It’s called progressive taxation. He said I will make sure that Pakistan becomes a country where people will find someone to pay his zakat. The third is COMPASSION; in west the animals are so much cared that I really feel shame when I compare them with those in Pakistan. Proper shelters are given to animals. The animals in west enjoy far much better status than humans do here. The fourth is MERIT; without merit the balance of the society gets disturbed and the non-deserving has the share. The rulers should be sadiq and ameen. In any circumstance they should speak truth. There should be no conflict of interest. And the last on the agenda is EDUCATION.  Our Holy Prophet (PBUH) always stressed education above everything else. Prophet said it’s compulsory for every man and woman to attain education, after the Battle of Badr. Today we are in sorry state of situation because we have not followed his instructions.

Khan said you (the nation) should not feel overwhelmed. “We are in this together and Insha’Allah we will find a way out together”. He added that this is not why this country came into existence. This country was formed as a model for the STATE of MEDINA. He further explained what he himself is going to do to attain all these goals.

  1. Model of Riyasat e Madina.
  2. Will cut down all extra ordinary expenses.
  3. Encourage Foreign Direct Investments.
  4. Control Corruption practices.
  5. Expats would be entertained by Embassies and would get the due respect.
  6. Introduce Whistle Blower Act.
  7. Would make sure the Exports are increased.
  8. Task Force to Eradicate Money Laundering.
  9. Reforms in Civil Services.
  10. Government will help Farmers.
  11. Judicial System reforms.
  12. Police reforms especially Punjab to be given under advisory of Nasir Durrani.
  13. FBR revamp and collection.
  14. Juvenile rape cases.
  15. Madrassah Education system to be improvised with latest teaching systems.
  16. Health card to be introduced to the rest of provinces like KPK.
  17. Dam is the dire need of the time. Will build DiamerBasha Dam at any cost.
  18. 50 Lac low cost houses.
  19. Interest free loans to the youth.
  20. Nationwide plantation campaign just like in KPK.
  21. More sports ground to be built.
  22. Safe and Clean Pakistan.
  23. FATA development and reforms.
  24. South Punjab to be announced as Province.
  25. Back bone of Pakistan, Karachi the economic hub would be elevated.
  26. Foreign policy to be revisited.
  27. Implementation of National Action Plan.
  28. Street Children shelter and skill development.
  29. Issues in Baluchistan to be resolved.
  30. Last but not the least Imran Khan will prove himself as an example of simplicity.

At the end of his maiden address he asked the nation, “I need your help”. If you see anything wrong please report. Today age is social media age. Keep your eyes open and report such wrong doers. I need your help; we have to act as a team. I assure you that I will safe guard your money. I will make sure that none of your tax money is wasted on irrelevant government expenditures.

“This is what I want; this is my idea for better Pakistan. This is Pakistan I want to see.”


Yasir Imtiaz Awan


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