Healthy criticism or mudslinging? Insaf Blog | Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf


Ever since PTI came into power, a strange and peculiar behavior has been observed spurting among a few fellows from our journalism community. As resentful as it may sound but a community that is ethically responsible for bringing the truth to masses holds a secret dark history which dates back to the era of Sharif’s, real and fake Bhutto’s and other minor political crooks. On one hand, there are numerous journalists who have been serving the people with their utmost dedication and honesty, on the other hand, a few bad apples have tainted this noble profession immensely. In an effort of bringing the morally hollow pen-pushers to the cleaners, one can only hope that the rest of the community will join hands in cleansing the system. 
The footprints of this particular journalism niche can be traced back to the times when carefully crafted stories, with a purpose of portraying a ruling party as the saviors of the nations, started to make headlines. Facts were heavily concealed by the power of words and deceitful curtains of prosperity were woven to blind the nation from the atrocities of wrongdoers. The rich became richer and the poor became poorer. In times when mothers of weak crumbled on the cold floors of malfunctioning hospitals and infants breathed their last with quenching throats, somewhere someone was rejoicing upon a heavy envelop from the masters of faking good governance. 
The practice hasn’t changed in recent months, it has just taken a nasty turn. In the past, the job was simply to make evil look good whilst today it is to kill the spirits of an emerging nation by shaking its building pillar of economic stability, safety and equal law for everyone. After a very long distressful time, Pakistan is being witnessed as a peace-loving, friendly and economically elevating country, some notable writers have taken up the task of dismantling the image of Pakistan by defaming its sitting Prime Minster. Despite of their sheer capabilities, they have resorted to shallow maneuvers of character assassination which truly depict their inability to find a real tangible fault in this man.
Every now and then we see some write up of a seasoned sellsword but earlier today, it was Fahd Hussain’s remarkable words – “Here was the perfect Pakistani man: Aitchison, Oxford, Test cricketer, top attack bowler, top all-rounder, top captain, winner of the World Cup – and handsome too. What more could you ask from a man?” – Which made me smile from ear to ear
Aitchison alumni who humbly stood in front of the crown prince of Saudi, saying “they are very close to my heart” and requested the return of imprisoned Pakistani citizens. An Oxford grad with his exquisite diplomacy skills which drastically brought down the United States from “Do more” to “want to have great ties with Pakistan”. A top attack bowler who outplayed Modi’s war hysteria with a peaceful yet responsible retaliation resulting in capturing IAF wing commander. A top all-rounder who successfully established friendly relations with other Muslim nations as well as neighboring countries. Top captain, leading the sinking ship to the shores of economic revival and winner of the world cup who has provided roof over the heads of homeless (shelter homes), now rules the heart of its people. And yes Fahd Hussain, he is handsome too ;)
Indeed, blessed is this nation to have such Perfect Paksitani in the driving seat who is so profoundly loved by the entire nation for his services in the past, be it World Cup, Shaukat Khanum or Namal University, and now we look forward most ardently to the blissful endeavors he prepares to unfold.