Fun of Imran Khan . By Muhammad Tahseen | Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf

Imran Khan's unusual leader and Akam-e-Insaf's leader and their nominated leader, Imran Khan appear to be joking about the shark campaign. There is also a task to plant trees near them. The trees will not be crores of millions, they will take millions of millions of people to please you. But what would you like to do for this? Will they be able to eat their fruit or their woods will be sold? Or can he conquer this unusual and semi-literate majority of the trees in the name of trees, near which no vegetation does not count on anything?

If the answer to these things is inconvenient, take heart and ask Imran Khan to think of your children who will not be present to vote. Do you know :: Pakistan is among ten countries which are most affected by global warming. Pakistan is among the thirty countries who are going to suffer from severe water scarcity in the future. Pakistan's weather has become uncertain and the temperature breaks the previous record every year. Contemporary disaster can only be done through better planning, fresh water reserves and untouchable glucose. What is wrong if Imran Khan stepped up for the better future of Pakistan?

Therefore, keep a stone on my heart and ask, where Imran Khan has done something practically, where there is no willingness to talk about these issues in our country. One such thing that Imran Khan will not have any benefit in the upcoming elections. One thing that will benefit from our generations and at this time Imran Khan will remember when he is not present. (محمد تحسین)