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Oil Price is a global phenomenon & our too much dependence on oil is a local phenomenon. We are a unique country in the world which is producing 30% plus energy through oil & that too imported oil. 

I had hoped that PTI could declare emergency on alternate energy. Unfortunately most of our energy experts in national energy task force comes from IPPs besides strong influence of IPPs in power corridors. 

Will IPP ever suggest something to reduce reliance on IPPs?? 

Our 18% losses in power distribution is not something for which public is to suffer. 

Do we have a single head of Power companies who can actually be tasked to reduce power losses if he wants his job? 

Lack of public transport, insufficient railway network, poor traffic management, poor traffic engineering all are adding to our oil import bill.

World is moving towards electric cars with short term & long term goals. Guess what? Mahathir launched his ambitious plan of electric car within 6 months after becoming Prime Minister. Such is the importance of electric auto industry. We are still launching more car industry based on petrol. 

Local Solar industry is answer to reduced manufacturing cost of solar energy. India has done it. 

It’s interesting that when world started shifting to alternate energy from coal, we are starting coal energy projects. Our love for oil based energy is now crossing two decades. Musharraf, PPP & PMLN all are responsible for oil based energy affairs with the biggest tycoons of this country. 

We must study IPPs agreements, they were all signed under kickbacks & their operations over two decades have run under kick backs. Country is feeding IPPs industry with blood of this nation. IPPs must be nationalised under emergency ordinance to save the country. 

Alternate energy production should be top agenda. A solar & wind energy project can be completed in 6 months to 1 year. 

Let’s declare a war against energy mafia at IPPs, Distribution Companies, Energy task force & oil based energy lobbyist. 

1.4 Trillion circulation debt is like a death warrant. We must wash our hands from oil, to handle oily business.