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Insaf Blog on Bilawal Zardari


You could not find murderers of your mother despite your government for 5 years. 

Your only qualification is that you are the son of Benazir Bhutto. 

Your curse is that you are the son of Asif Zardari. 

Ammal, a 10 years old beautiful girl who was the loving daughter of her parents, who was smiling & laughing when a bullet struck her. Hospitals refused to rescue her. This all happened in a city where your government is completing 11th year of government. Why this bullet did not carry your name or your family members who plundered this country & is responsible for every injustice in Sind since more than 10 years? that’s my question. 

You should keep your mouth shut till children stop dying of starvation & thirst at Thar. 

You should keep your mouth shut till no more Ammal suddenly stop smiling & her heart stops beating the tunes of love & hope. 

You should keep your mouth shut till Karachi is cleaned & water is available to every citizen in Karachi. 

I am sure Mother & Father of Ammal will leave the Justice to Allah after they get nothing from your government. Once Justice is left to Allah by a mother, you don’t know the consequences, we will wait & see that your family members get the same treatment like every person murdered in Sind and like every injustice in Sind. 

You should keep your mouth shut till billions of illegitimate money transactions by your criminal father & Kapati Phuppi (Aunt) is answered in court of law. 

Every bullet killing a person in your province carries name of your family as Killers. 

You lead only political party in the country who is ruling a province third consecutive time. Alas! This record is no good to the people of your province. 

I give my resolution on this day of sorrows when I see helpless mother & father of Ammal are pursuing Justice hopelessly. My resolution is that  you and your family should go to hell for the greatest sins your family has committed in last 11 years including murder of your mother.