PTI UAE Members and Officials Notification | Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf

Office of International Chapters (OIC) hereby announces that UAE has the following official appointed body for a period of one year.

  1. President - Haji Meer Hassan
  2. Senior Vice President - Mr. Aziz Khan
  3. Vice President - Zafar Yab Khan
  4. General Secretary - Shahid Nazir Warrich
  5. Information Secretary - Amjad Iqbal Amjad
  6. Finance Secretary - Kashif Shabbir
  7. President Women Wing - Khurshid Jahan
  8. Vice President Women Wing - Mrs. Ihsan Ul Haq

There is no other parallel body, structure and organisation in place other than the above.

The regional body structure and officials name can be found here: PTI UAE Regional Bodies

Any other parallel body is hereby declared null, void, illegal and not recognised by the party.

PTI members in the UAE are advised to only contact the UAE party officials listed on the party???s website. Any other individuals using the name of PTI for party positions are not recognised by the party and as such the party dissociates from such individuals. Disciplinary action will be initiated against individuals found to be bringing disrepute to party.