PTI South Korea Intra-party Election Notification | Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf

The Office of International Chapters (OIC) would like to congratulate the PTI South Korea elected body for their completion of their first successful year and appreciate the efforts of all officials and members who played their part in strengthening PTI South Korea chapter. Well done to the elected team and PTI South Korea members.

The term of the elected PTI South Korea elected body has ended and the elected body stands dissolved.

There will be a three month membership period from 08 November 2016 until 29 February 2017. Elections will be held after the membership cut off date of 29 February 2017.

All membership to be done via the party's website. Membership link is given here: Click here and become a MEMBER

Members and Membership Coordinators (MC) are advised to ensure all membership and payments are completed by this date. As no membership will be accepted after the cut of date.

There will be further notifications regarding the election process, election commission and time lines published on in due course.

Office of International Chapters (OIC)