PTI South Korea Election 2017 Notification | Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf

PTI South Korea will have the following Membership Coordinators (MC) in each team. 

1) Professionals Team - 15 Membership Cooridntaors (MC) 

2) Think Tank - 10 Membership Coordinators (MC)

3) Membership Team - 20 Membership Coordinators (MC)

4) Labour Team - 15 Membership Coordinators (MC)

5) Academic Team - 10 Membership Coordinators (MC)

6) Business Team - 10 Membership Coordinators (MC)

Each team is required to meet the stated MC targets in order to hold elections and become part of the executive cabinet leading the PTI South Korea chapter. 

Executive Cabinet - Will consist of Membership Coordinators from each of the above mentioned teams. 

In order to become a Membership Coordinator (MC) one must become a paid member on the following link: 

A Membership Coordinator (MC) will need to make at least 20 paid members.

Yearly membership fee would be 30,000kWON=$27

Office of International Chapters (OIC)